A crafty little Christmas



Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas day. I’m still recovering from all the food, and after eating three portions of bubble & squeak today (leftover turkey fried up with leftover crushed roasties, parsnips and sprouts, it’s delicious…honest!) the Turkey is finally all gone!

My boyfriend Kostas and I decided to host Christmas dinner at our new little house this year to bring both our families together. Neither of us had cooked Christmas dinner before, and the prospect of feeding 11 was a little daunting, but a hired oven, 7kg turkey and various vegetable-peeling war wounds later, the grub turned out pretty good! Spending the first Christmas in our first home made it an extra special occasion so I made sure I pulled out all the stops with a bit of Christmas crafting.



I made these crackers for the dinner table from bits and bobs in my craft stash. I filled them with mini travel beauty products from Boots, party hats and handmade jokes (courtesy of my brother Chris). I’m not a fan of shop-bought crackers because the presents tend to be a bit naff. They took a little time to make but it was really worthwhile. To make them, I cut a sheet of patterned paper to 12 x 6″, scored a series of three lines horizontally across each end, folded both ends in towards the centre and cut little V’s into the fold. Once opened out these V’s made little ‘perforated’ triangles to allow the crackers to ‘pull’. I then rolled my crackers around cardboard tubes and decorated with lace, ribbon, washi tape, twine and bells. They made the perfect place cards too!


These little tea lights were so quick to make and I had been saving condiment jars for a while for the occasion! I filled the bottom with a little greenery from the garden and some rock salt for ‘snow’. I then applied lace around the top with a glue gun and tied a bow with brown string. They look so pretty all lit up.


Admittedly this wreath was the brainchild of my mum. She had been to a wreath-making party and saved me some bits to make my own. A coat hanger bent into a circle formed my base and I attached various bits of foliage with wire. I added some mini baubles to mine to make it extra festive!


I love our little Christmas tree this year! Having our own place meant I could go shopping for tree decorations and as soon as they hit the shelves I started picking up bits here and there. One regret is that I didn’t have time to make my own decs so made sure the ones I bought had a handcrafted feel. This embroidered heart and gold tree came from India Jane, in Richmond, and the gingerbread man is from Sass & Belle – I picked him up from the Ideal Christmas Home Show. Both these stores have so many gorgeous decorations and are worth a visit for all-year-round gifts and decorations.


I hope you all had a crafty Christmas but if not, I hope I inspire you to have a go next year!

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