Pimp your plait

Three ways with plaits

I’ve always been pretty envious of girls who can french braid their hair. For all the years I have tried I haven’t been able to master it and with long hair it seems almost criminal that, until recently, my hair repertoire consisted of nothing more that a pony and and a handful of loose hair styles. I can however plait hair and have been playing with a few styles suited to hair novices like me. The humble plait can be used in ways that almost compete with a french braid and don’t need any expertise! Heck, if I can do it, you can too.

For the first style you will need a hair doughnut which you can pick up from Boots or Superdrug. You can make your own with an old sock by rolling it out on itself and snipping the bottom. Place it around your pony tail and fan your hair around it from the centre to disguise the doughnut. Take a hairband and place it around the bun to secure the hair in place. Gather the ends of your hair left outside the bun in to two sections and plait each. Now just wrap the plaits around your bun and secure with a few bobby pins. Simple!

The second hairstyle just involves plaiting hair at either side of your head and wrapping it around the back – this style almost looks like a french braid! The side plait is pretty self explanatory and is a great alternative to a fishtail plait.

The golden rule for all these styles or any plait in general is, once braided, to tease the plait, pulling from either side to widen it. This makes it double as thick. If you’ve ever lusted over thick hair this little trick will give you a nice chunky plait no matter how much hair you have.

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3 thoughts on “Pimp your plait

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