Liebster Award: Spreading a little love

liebsterblogawardI received a lovely comment from KhannaBlog the other day letting me know she’d nominated me for a Liebster Award – thanks Khannablog! Basically, the awards were set up to recognise newbie bloggers and, feeling like the new girl at school, I think it’s a great idea.

Apparently the awards were started back it 2010 by a German blogger (kudos to you the great and powerful mysterious Leibster!) to give us fresh faced bloggers a little shout out to help grow our communities. Once ‘discovered’ the nominated blogger would return the favour and ‘nominate’ their favourite blogs. I for one have a long way to go when it comes to growing my blog but with a little love I’m hoping Daisychains & Dreamers with blossom. The Leibster Awards are a little pat on the back to help us all on our way and I love the fact I can pass some of my own good karma onto other newbie bloggers out there!

Rules of the Liebster Award:

1. Post an acceptance post and include a thank you to the blogger who nominated you
2. Nominate 10 bloggers with under 200 followers with links to their blogs
3. Answer 10 questions your nominator sent to you
4. Include 10 questions for your nominees to answer

Here’s my answers to KhannaBlog’s questions…

1. Best movie and why? I’m a cliché girl when it comes to movies! One of my favourite directors is Baz Luhrmann and his version of Romeo and Juliet is definitely up there.

2. Best book When I was a child I fell in love with Enid Blyton’s The Faraway Tree and there’s been many, many books that have both inspired and moved me since then. Again, I can’t pick a favourite, but I’m a big fan of Philippa Gregory’s historical tales for summer reading.

3. How would you describe yourself as three types of food? Chocolate – little kittens, a romantic gesture, newborn babies…I melt instantly! Pasta – Simple and honest but throw in some… Cheese and you can’t go wrong.

4. Beauty product you can’t live without? Mascara, it makes all the difference! I love Benefit’s Are They Real mascara, it’s the only mascara that actually gives you a false lash effect.

5. Big house in the country or city flat? The country all the way! I’m a country girl at heart 🙂

6. Yoga or cardio? Yoga…ommmmmm. It’s the best stress reliever and makes you super supple. Cardio can jog on.

7. Let the man pay or go equal on dates? I’m an old romantic but like to split the bill on a first date – i’m a big girl thank you very much and like to feel independent; but if he insists then i’m not going to stop him – I like to be swept off my feet too (my boyfriend took that down pretty quickly!)

8. Carbs or no carbs that is the question? Carbs all the way. Life without pizza and pasta…no thanks! Carbs are vital to a healthy exercise regime and cutting them is only a short term solution to weight loss.

9. Are you OCD about anything? I like things organised and I’m pretty specific about my morning routine, I don’t like to skip a step. Plus I like my breakfast cooked just so…come to think of it, maybe i’m not a morning person!

10. Best TV shows at the moment and/or all time? I love Game of Thrones – the new series starts in April! Period dramas in general and documentaries. I’m not really a soap kind of gal but I do enjoy a bit of reality TV. Who am I kidding, I love a bit of reality TV!

Now for my nominations!

Lady Annie The perfect combination of fashion, beauty and how-tos. Go check out Annie’s blog for the best beauty recommendations and outlet hauls. This girl’s going somewhere fast!

Theresa Buoy Your one stop shop for self-help, all wrapped up in a beautiful looking blog with a snippet of beauty and DIY for good measure.

Markers & Microns Jenny is a fashion designer from New York and her blog is worth following for her gorgeous fashion illustrations alone!

Chic Vic This girl knows how to wear vintage. I’d love to go shopping with Victoria and find out all of her style secrets, or simply play dress up in what I can only imagine is the most eclectic of wardrobes! Audrey Hepburn eat your heart out.

Scissors & Sage You all know I love a good DIY project and Vic has a bundle! From upcycling to knitting and baking, Victoria is a thrifty gal who’s right up my street!

Black Espresso Jade’s blog is filled with gorgeous photographs and is definitely worth a peruse to catch her adventures in both Saigon and Australia.

Beauty and Sass Another win for all things lifestyle but Ghazaleh’s drool-worthy recipes are what make you visit time and time again.

Knee-highs & Pumpkin SpiceI love Alyssa’s daring style and weekly looks. Be warned, you’ll be left with massive shoe envy after visiting her blog!

Cassandra’s Corner Cassandra is adorable and her effortless style is one to take note of, especially if you are petit like me. She’s a newbie to blogging so watch this space..

Kate Tea Katie Gamb creates beautiful illustrations fit for a story book. Make sure you check out her Etsy shop for the most charming of hand draw pendants.

and my questions for you are…

1) You’re at a Starbucks counter, what do you order?
2) Read a kindle or paperback book?
3) Tattoos, a do or a don’t?
4) If had the chance to live one day as a character from film or TV who would it be?
5) Name a blogger, or bloggers, who inspire you.
6) Harry Potter or Ron Weasley?
7) Life without cheese or life without chocolate?
8) Onesies. Yay or nay?
9) You’re top three high street stores and why?
10) If you had to live in a decade other than the current one, which would you choose?


10 thoughts on “Liebster Award: Spreading a little love

  1. Thanks for nominating me!! Benefit They’re real is also my favorite. BUT I don’t believe in splitting on the first date…. maybe I’ll pay for a drink later on… like on the 10th date 😉

  2. I logged into my account to find this pleasant surprise! I remember a long time ago when I first started blogging, I stumbled upon this award on someone’s blog. I thought to myself “Someday, hopefully I will be nominated..” Thank you for your kind words! Oh boy, now to answer your questions…

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