MAC Brush Cleaner

_MG_6571One of my worst beauty habits is that I don’t clean my makeup brushes often enough. I’ve been known to go a long… and I mean long… time between washing them. Usually my foundation brush is the first to tell me it’s time for a clean but instead of heading to the sink then and there I take out my spare brush and continue until that too joins the dirty pile. My other brushes seem to deal with my lack of cleanliness, but when it comes to wash time the colour of the water says it all…

I was given a new set of face brushes for my birthday last Novemeber (Sigma’s Face Kit to be precise – I’m going to blog about these soon, they’re fab!) and it prompted me to swiftly banish my bad habit. After testing out a few new different solutions for cleaning, including face wash, makeup remover and shampoo (never clean your brushes with oil based products – I learnt the hard way!) I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new bottle suited for the task at hand.

The only place on my entire high street to stock makeup brush cleaner was the trusty MAC counter in my local department store. At £10 a pop it’s not cheap but makes cleaning a heck of a lot easier – coupled with what now are regular cleans! I even used it on my beauty blender (again another blog post on this bad boy to follow) and it worked a treat. What I will say is you need to use quite a bit if you have a makeup brush collection as large as mine but it does work quickly and removes all grease, powder and residue leaving your brushes squeaky clean – even my foundation brush! I guess its like washing your hair… you gotta find a shampoo/conditioner that works for you. I’d definitely recommend this bottle for all types of brushes both real and synthetic.

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2 thoughts on “MAC Brush Cleaner

  1. I actually have a bottle of the MAC makeup brush cleaner you recommend, but it spends most of its time filling my shelf… How regular is regular enough?!

    • In a perfect world, once a week for a deep clean and a daily quick clean after use but life often gets in the way! The most important one to keep squeaky clean is your foundation brush, as it can hold bacteria from daily use which could lead to clogged pores and spots.

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