How to: Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eye linerOne of the very first makeup items I ever started using was liquid eyeliner – an odd choice I hear you say for someone so inexperienced! But there was something about the cat-eye flick that got me hook, line and sinker and, needless to say, I spent many a teenage year perfecting the art.

We’ve all been there; wonky lines that no matter how many times you remove and start again you just can’t get right, and why does this always happen during that early morning rush to get ready and out of the house? I’ll put my hands up and admit there’s still the odd occasion where my ‘cat eyes’ end up a little bat eyed or my flicks go a little off skew leaving me with unmatched eyes. I have friends who can apply liner on a bumpy car journey with simply a hand mirror – I’ll never be able to perform such wizardry!

First up is the product itself. Now i’ve tried many a brand and you know what? I always go back to the same little pot of magic: Rimmel’s Glam’Eyes Professional Liquid Eye Liner in Black Glamour. I’ll admit I’m a sucker for luxury brands, but Rimmel, hands down, wins the trophy in my cat eyes (ah, sorry, couldn’t help it). For me, I like to use a soft, flexible brush that allows you to be creative. I’ve tried Rimmel’s Exaggerate liquid liner alternative that has a shorter, firmer brush and found it really hard to apply a neat, fluid line. Liner pens don’t do it for me either, I find they dry up pretty quick and, again, are too stiff to draw a sweeping flick. There’s nothing comparable with liquid liner when you want that statement eye, and the blacker the liner the better. I’m yet to dabble in those little liner pots that make up artists swear by… something for a rainy day perhaps.

Here are a few tips I discovered about the technique of applying liquid eye liner. These are tips that us girls (or guys… the fellas in my local MAC store love a bit of liner) can all learn a little from. They certainly helped me get the perfect (wobbly hand aside) ‘flick’.

Let me know if you have any tricks or favourite brands you swear by, I’d love to hear!

On another note, if you’re interested in the eye shadow I’m wearing in the image above, it’s Estee Lauder’s Surreal Skies Five Colour Palette. I believe they have slightly changed the colours in this palette since I bought it but it’s still one of my favourites!

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