Benefit They’re Real! mascara

Benefit Are They Real Mascara

I’ve loved this mascara since I first picked it off the shelf back in 2011. Prior to that I was a fan of Benefit’s Bad Gal Lash with huge bristle brush but this false lash-effect mascara wipes the floor with its older sister!

Benefit’s They’re Real! mascara certainly bigs itself up to be one of the best; just look at the stats on the packaging! I’m always a bit dubious about mascaras that do this but I have to say that this one does exactly what it says on the tin – its jet black formula really does make your lashes appear longer and thicker.

I usually pick mascaras with a bristle brush as find they are better at creating fuller lashes but this mascara’s rubber comb wand gives you just as much volume while separating at the same time. This type of wand also means the mascara doesn’t dry out making it long-lasting (I use it everyday and only have to buy it twice a year). A little beauty tip for you all is never to pump the wand inside your mascara tube as this forces air into the bottle and dries it out – I see YouTubers do this all the time. Just rotate the wand gently around inside the bottle to coat it in the formula.

According to Benefit, one of the secrets of this mascara are the plastic bristles at the custom-domed tip of the wand which allow you to use it vertically as well as horizontally by stroking the wand upward through your lashes to fan each one out separately. You only need a little for a wider doe-eyed look but by building it up you can achieve a false lash effect without going to the trouble of applying tricky false eyelashes.

Priced at £19.50 its not cheap but compared to other luxury brand mascaras it’s actually affordable and you certainly get the bang for your buck.

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4 thoughts on “Benefit They’re Real! mascara

  1. Hi Linda its been a while but just to say that the first time l used this l thought it was very gloopy, but tried again and after coating my eyelashes all over once, l then brush upwards several times on my upper lashes and it builds up a beautifully thick coating and makes yours lashes look so long and thick! Its a very moist mascara which coats the lashes thickly so you have to be sparing when first coating lashes, especially lower ones which are sparser (in my case!). also the end bit of the wand is great for doing the very outer lashes, and vertical brushing, as you said.

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