What’s on my desk?

Desk essentials

Like a lot of you I spend the majority of my week sat at my desk. Working to a lot of deadlines and doing my fair share of overtime to get Creativity magazine out to our readers each month can be demanding so I need to make sure I have a few essentials at arms reach to get me through the day.

There’s nothing like a little beauty pick-me-up to give me a boost when I’m glued to my computer and I make sure my skin doesn’t suffer from working long hours by using Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream on my lips and L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream to keep my hands nice and soft. This buttery hand cream penetrates into your hands really quickly, ideal for when my fingers are more often than not tapping away on a keyboard. Like many beauty bloggers Eight Hour Cream is a beauty saviour wherever you are and it makes me feel a little bit special whenever I use it! I just love the smell.

When someone catches a cold in our office it spreads like wildfire and I’m super conscious of keeping the germs at bay. When I was living in London I always carried a pot of anti-bacterial hand gel for tube journeys but more often that not it stayed in my bag. Now I make sure it sits on my desk reminding me to use it and whenever I hear a cough or a sneeze I apply – I’ve been a little paranoid since Norovirus struck our office (and me) two Christmases ago!

I also swear by Manuka honey. It has so many great properties and I use it to sweeten my porridge every morning when I arrive at work. Apparently it can even ward off cancer and help you loose weight – I’m yet to see this proven but the list is pretty lengthy so it can’t hurt to have a spoonful a day!

I’m certainly not the only one to have chewing gum at hand post lunch and Mentos Pure Fresh Gum comes in a handy pot that keeps your gum fresh (there’s nothing worse than soft chewing gum!). An ipod is no surprise either – sometimes I need to drown out everything around me to focus, or if I’m stressed with a looming print deadline a bit of relaxing music can keep me on track. A nice cup of Earl Grey tea does the trick too!

Lastly, and not for vanity reasons, I have a mini pack of nail files for emergencies. This may sound odd but at my place of work you never know when you will be called on to hand model for magazine photography! I work on a craft magazine so we shoot a lot of step-by-step photographs and I’m often roped in to staging them. When my nails aren’t filed to perfection, our designers do a great job giving me a french manicure in Adobe Photoshop!

Do you have any office essentials you couldn’t live without? Or maybe some pretty storage solutions? I’d love to hear!


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