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There’s nothing like an evening of pampering to relax the mind and make your body feel loved from the outside in. I definitely don’t spend enough ‘me’ time so when I do my body sure does thank me for it!

I recently became a little addicted to ‘Lush haul’ videos on YouTube – if you’re not familiar with haul videos just type it into YouTube and you’ll be greeted with a whole host of vloggers emptying their shopping bags in a show-and-tell Lush extravaganza. Check out vlogger Zoella (who has a massive following of almost 4 millions subscribers!) who regularly makes haul videos.

So considering my recent interest (obsession) with Lush, it’s fair to say there’s no guessing what was on the menu for my pamper night in. My selection of goodies were picked up last Saturday in my local store in Bournemouth – Lush’s headquarters are based in Poole only a few short miles from my home in Bournemouth so I like to think their fresh ingredients are even fresher at this particular store! Plus, I love the fact that a lot of their ingredients are local to my hometown.

First up was one of their super duper fresh face masks which Lush describe as ‘food for your face’. Now when I say fresh I mean fresh! You need to keep them in the fridge – which adds to the face mask experience – and they only last a couple of weeks. I like the mantra that what you put in your body should be the same standard as what you put on your body and who would eat something that has been in the fridge for over three weeks?

As I was new to Lush face masks they gave me three samples to try: Cupcake, that includes a mix of Rhassoul mud, cocoa powder, cocoa butter and mint which, I kid you not, smells like melted chocolate – it takes all your will power not to eat it! Catastrophe Cosmetic, packed with blueberries picked in Dorset, calamine and chamomile, rose, and almond oils to soothe and soften the skin. And finally, BB Seaweed, a mix of rose, ground almonds, aloe vera and, of course, seaweed – picked fresh from Poole harbour nonetheless!

I chose Catastrophe Cosmetic, created to ‘protect the skin from damage and promote repair and growth’ – hoorah says my used and abused never-make-up-free skin! You can find out how it’s made here. This mask feels amazing and left my skin feeling so so soft. I can’t wait to try the other two flavours.

While my face mask worked its magic I filled up a nice warm bath, dropping in one of Lush’s Valentines exclusive Love Locket bath bombs – a lovely little Valentines gift from Lush’s Bournemouth store. What attracted me to this heart-shaped bath bomb was its secret surprise. Hidden inside the locket is a smaller heart that can be found by cracking open the locket (so much bath time fun to be had!). Both outer shell and inner heart are filled with paper confetti and Agar (seaweed) hearts and, once fizzing, this bath bomb releases a light shimmer into the water. Plus it smells amazing!

After a nice long soak in this pink pool of deliciousness I felt so relaxed and it’s safe to say I’m going to schedule in one of these pamper nights every week with my yummy new Bath Ballistics, Bubble Bars and fresh Face Masks!


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