ASOS fashion haul


Since starting by blog I’ve had a few requests to do some fashion/look book style posts but until now have shied away from the subject. I’m going to put it out there from the start – I’m no fashionista. I like wearing what I like wearing, I don’t really have any set rules I just stick to what I know suits me and dabble in the occasional trends that take my fancy.

Maybe it’s because I’m small and stand at precisely 5ft 2.5″ (the .5 is important…) but a lot of the latest fashion trends just don’t suit my figure. I could live in summer dresses all year long if the weather permitted me to and I’m far too girly to feel comfortable in heeled hi top trainers or anything neon – and slogan beanies… forget it! I kind of figured who would be interested in what little old me wears but turns out there’s a few of you out there and as I enjoy fashion (clothes shopping is up there with my favourite ‘hobby’) I kind of thought stuff it! Let’s bite the bullet and go there. There are the most amazing fashion bloggers out there and I adore nothing more than scrolling down their Bloglovin feeds and lusting over their style, beauty and ability to wear things I could only dream of but for now I’m content at wearing peter pan collars and pretty dresses.

So here I am doing my first fashion post and as I hadn’t done any online shopping for a while I thought I’d have a little ASOS splurge as I can always trust them for fit and quality. First up is a black swoosh-worthy dress with the most gorgeous crochet collar – right up my street. I’m going to get so much wear out of this as I can dress it down for work with ankle boots or up for dinner or the theatre. I paired it with a clutch bag which injects a bit of a modern twist. I just love this bag’s filigree detail and it’s a great size to fill with all my bits for the evening!

Next up is a party dress which has me written all over it. Another collar – shock, horror, and a full floral print skirt. It’s a really cute little dress which can be worn all year round. I really like the contrast short sleeves and it’s nicely fitted in all the right places. The cut of this dress would flatter almost any figure so it’s a safe bet.

Lastly, I made a slightly adventurous purchase with these skinny fit trousers. I hardly ever wear trousers and live in skinny jeans when not in skirts or dresses so thought I’d smarten up my attire with these! Trousers are always a risky purchase online but I’ve been admiring patterned trousers for a while and when I saw these in the ASOS sale I had to have them. They fit really well so next on my shopping list is some floral print and pastel ones for spring! My pink t-shirt is from Topshop and necklace from New Look.

On to the shoes! I think these were my favourite purchase from my haul and are so versatile I can wear them with almost anything. I haven’t worn them out yet so can’t report on the comfy front but from first wear I’m pretty sure they’ll be my go-to party shoe!

You can find everything I’m wearing from (apart from the pink t-shirt) and everything is priced under £30! Guilt free shopping at its finest.

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