Billion Dollar Brows


Your brows are one of the most important features of your face but are often overlooked by women during their morning makeup routine. Brows frame your face, add symmetry and instantly draw attention to your eyes. By simply shaping your eyebrows correctly you can transform your whole face. Ever wondered why woman in the ’30s,’40s and ’50s looked so beautifully ‘put together’? It’s the brows… There’s nothing more classic than good brows, a lick of mascara and red lips. We can learn a lot from Marilyn and Audrey!

Bad teenage plucking habits mean that many woman of our generation are left with thin, unshapely brows but with a little bit of trickery anyone can get the brows they want with some careful shaping and shading. Unfortunately, there are many girls out there drawing on the thickest, darkest brows which have left a lot of woman terrified of picking up eyebrow products.

I first learnt how to shade my brows from spending a lot of time in the makeup artist’s chair when I used to work in theatre and film – there’s no better way to learn – but there’s also a wealth of Youtube tutorials out there to help you if you’re a little clueless. Since learning the art of shading, I’ve always used a powder and applied with an angled brush to shape and fill my brows and am a big fan of Benefit’s Brow Zings – I find powder achieves the most natural look. You can use any matte eyeshadow for this, ideally two shades darker than your natural brows.

However, the other day I was kindly sent Billion Dollar Brow’s Universal Brow Pencil. I’ve never been a fan of brow pencils but was willing to give this one a go as I’d heard some great things about the brand. This pencil achieves the most natural look without any harsh lines and is so soft, allowing you to gradually build up the depth of shading you want. The colour of this pencil, as the name states, is universal. Billion Dollar Brows have come up with a colour that claims to suit almost any hair colour and skin tone. Now I can’t obviously test it’s versatility on myself alone but this colour seems pretty perfect to me!

Priced at £17, it’s not the cheapest pencil on the market but it’s definitely worth the money. For those tempted by eyebrow makeup but are a little scared to try then this pencil is definitely for you!

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