Spring in a tumbler


When I’m out shopping, I can’t walk past a display of candles without having a good sniff – and I’m not satisfied until I’ve smelt all the pretty-looking ones on display. How are you meant to make a purchase without knowing what all your options are first?! I’m the same with scented soaps (imagine what I’m like in Lush). I was in John Lewis a couple of weeks ago and they had a mammoth display of candles for the taking. There were a few brands I had never heard of before so I made sure I sampled them all out. This one from Stoneglow Candles, London smelt divine and once I’d sniffed it I had to buy it! It’s called Ginger & White Lily and, according to Stoneglow, it’s ‘a heavenly mix of gorgeous, floral and spice accords. Lily, jasmine and rose are enriched with a touch of ginger, bergamot and clove, all lying on a soft, seductive musk base’ (you’ve got to say it in an M&S seductive voice).

I’m a little picky when it comes to fragrances, I hate anything too sweet or intense and usually opt for fresh, floral smells so the thought of ginger in a candle isn’t something I’d usually go for but it adds a really subtle, almost fruity essence to the lily. I could smell this candle all day, it’s moreish, it’s just like smelling a ripe peach. Ginger & Lily is the perfect combination of all the best spring/summer smells and I think it’s one I’m going to repurchase once it’s burnt out. I light it in my bedroom during the day as well as the evening and it fills the air with the most amazing fragrance, it almost makes me feel hungry, is that normal?!

Priced at only £12 it’s a bit of a bargain too. It’s not always about Diptyque or Jo Malone candles, there’s some real finds from some of the more affordable brands too. Admittedly you need a good sniff to pick out the best but it’s worth it!

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