Posh petal peepers


The best thing about flying is duty free shopping. For someone (me) who’s a little obsessed with the beauty counters, having time to kill whilst waiting for your flight can be rather dangerous. On my recent trip to Switzerland I took advantage of the duty free on my outbound departure and on my return journey – what can I say… I love a bargain and it would have been rude not to. So you can understand why I spent the majority of my time waiting for my flight to depart from Geneva airport in one of the biggest beauty departments I’ve seen in an airport (the duty free there is insane: Rolex, Hermes, Caviar House and the finest chocolates you’ll ever see).

This little beauty of an eyeshadow compact was one I couldn’t resist. One of my all time favourite shadow palettes is Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour Surreal Skies, so when I saw Posh Petals with its mix of five pinky, nude shades I just had to have it! The palette includes a mix of satin, shimmer, metallic and matte eyeshadows which all beautifully combine to create a really fresh, pretty, natural eye – perfect for spring. Use the lighter shades to highlight and the darker central colour to add definition. These five colour sets last forever and you only need a little product as the shadows are so pigmented – my current Surreal Skies palette has been going strong for a good two years so you really can’t complain about the price, RRP £36, when you get so much bang for your buck.

This palette is just as beautiful on the outside as it is the inside with a luxe-looking gold case and large internal mirror. The only thing I dislike about these palettes are the silly little makeup applicators – who uses these? I’m sure they are useful for on-the-go touch ups but you just can’t achieve the blended look these palettes were made for without some proper utensils…

It’s not often I purchase makeup and don’t use it straight away but when it looks this beautiful I hate the thought of diving in with my brush and messing it up! This palette is spring eyeshadow at its best so I’ll forgive you for paying full price for it if a duty free store isn’t on your schedule any time soon…

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6 thoughts on “Posh petal peepers

  1. That is such a beautiful combination of colours! Looks very versatile, and the Estee Lauder shadows are always great quality!


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