Totally Lush!

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I could not wait to visit Lush to pick up some of their Easter releases! I’ve been so busy over the past few weekends so when I finally managed to visit Lush, Bournemouth I filled up my basket pretty quickly. As soon as you enter the shop you’re faced with a big, shimmering pyramid of their Golden Eggs. When shopping, I usually leave their glitter products until last because they cover your fingers with sparkles, but on this occasion I couldn’t resist popping one straight in my basket. The Golden Egg is a bath bomb and bath melt all rolled into one and smells of toffee and honey. It’s made from a mix of the usual Lush yumminess and cocoa butter so it’s a great alternative to a chocolate easter egg!

New to Lush this Easter are the Bunch Of Carrots bubble bars. How cute do they look?! They smell tropical and are marketed as being reusable but I think I’ll pop one in my bath at a time instead of dunking them all in. Also new this season is the Lush Bunny bubble bar. Inspired by the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, this little fella is full of rich oils and butters to leave your skin soft and conditioned. He smells of vanilla and has a nice surprise waiting under his fur but I won’t give it away!

This plate of goodies looks good enough to eat right? The pink Creamy Candy bubble bar (yes another bubble bar, they’re just too good) wouldn’t look out of place on a cake stand and its sugary sweetness tempts me back again and again. It’s one of my faves. However, out of everything I bought in Lush, one product stood top of the class! Oh my gosh, the King of Skin is out of this word! It smells ah-mazing – almost like white chocolate. You smooth it over wet skin at the end of a shower so the heat of your skin melts the glorious oils inside. After a quick rinse you’re left with the most nourished, gorgeous skin. The bar is made from a blend of bananas, avocados, oatmilk and butters and it’s one of the best products I’ve picked up in ages!

If you haven’t paid a trip to Lush recently then what are you waiting for? It’s the perfect shopping pick me up!

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6 thoughts on “Totally Lush!

  1. I really love Lush and their ingenuity to
    product development. Easter they always out do themselves. Love the little bunny and carrots Lucy x

  2. King of Skin is a phenomenal product… it is extremely soothing, hydrating and moisturizing! It does wonders taming dry skin. Did your LUSH bag have that thank you know wrap on it?! If so, that is an extremely awesome bag! Wish my LUSH stores had those.

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