Weekend round-up #1

Thought I’d do a little round up of what I’ve been up to over the past few days – its been a fun weekend! My Swiss Ski Instagram Diary went down really well a couple of weeks ago (if you didn’t catch it you can find it here) and I’m contemplating the thought of this Instagram weekend round up becoming a weekly feature. But we’ll see..

My weekend started off with a visit to Chilly B’s open house on Friday evening. Chilly B is a local company, run by its founder Julie, who specialise in making pure and natural, handmade soaps and luxury skin care formulations. Julie opens the door to her house and workshop once a month so I dropped by to pick up some things. Stay tuned for a blog post about my evening later this week!

Chilly B Soap

When I returned home I was greeted by a yummy steak dinner made by my boyfriend, complete with roses and dessert – such a lucky girl, especially as I abandoned him for the evening to do girlie stuff!

Steak dinnerChocolate pudding

On Saturday morning we decided to pay a trip to Christchurch, and stopped by Pets At Home on the way to see the little animals! I’ve been wanting a pet for ages so had to resist taking one of these bunnies home!


We had a little wonder around Christchurch, despite the crumby weather, and passed these cute chocolate box houses – perfect subjects for a quick Instagram snap! Their pastel colours remind me of the beach huts on Bournemouth beach.
Christchurch, Hampshire Christchurch, Hampshire

Never one to turn down tea and cake, we spotted this oldy-worldy tea room and ordered a cream tea to share. The scone was literally the biggest scone I have ever seen – the photo does not do it justice!Tea rooms, Christchurch Cream tea

You may be wondering what on earth this chair is doing hanging precariosuly over the water – it’s called a ducking stool and is one of Christchurch’s landmarks. It was used in medieval times specifically for women as means of extracting confessions to perceived crimes or as means of punishment. Morbid right?! This chair is a replica of the one that stood here in the 15th-18th century.
Ducking stool, Christchurch

Saturday afternoon was the much anticipated Bournemouth Bloggers Clothes Swap event. I will be blogging about this later in the week so won’t reveal much! Bournemouth Bloggers Clothes Swap

Disney’s Frozen was released on DVD this weekend so my boyfriend and I (after a bit of persuasion) cosied up to watch it Saturday evening. I absolutely loved it and to my boyfriend’s dismay have been singing ‘Do you want to build a snowman’ ever since. I decided to download the soundtrack so I can sing it full belt in my car on my way to work tomorrow!
Frozen DIsney

To top off the weekend, it was the christening of my cousin’s little boy on Sunday. She’s a mummy blogger so make sure you drop by her blog Mummy McAuliffe to discover her life as a mummy of two and some great parenting tips and product reviews. For privacy reasons, I’ve decided to post this picture of my outfit of the day which also features in my Miss Selfridge haul coming this week or next! The dress is Miss Selfridge and the jacket Zara. I also wore one of my favourite hairstyles of the moment, a halo braid!

Outfit of the day

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and got up to lots of fun things too! Let me know in the comment box below 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Weekend round-up #1

    • Thanks Cate! The dessert made me laugh, it looked so technical but he’d basically crushed digestives in the bottom of a pot and topped it with readymade chocolate mousse and some Cadburys Munchies! A real blokes way of cooking but was yummy!

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