Bournemouth Bloggers Clothes Swap

Bournemouth Bloggers Clothes Swapbournemouth bloggers clothes swap

Since I started daisychains & dreamers I’ve been dying to attend a bloggers meet up. There may be a large online community of bloggers out there but blogging is actually a pretty solitary hobby. If you are a regular reader of blogs or a blogger yourself then you’ll understand the odd juxtaposition of feeling like you know a blogger even though you haven’t actually met! We share so much of our lives via our blogs that an evening watching your favourite vloggers Youtube channel can sometimes feel like a night in with friends (I can’t work out whether that’s a good thing? What do you think?). Either way, it’s nice to have some face to face time with fellow bloggers to actually feel human again! Since following Bournemouth Bloggers on Twitter, I’ve discovered so many bloggers in my local area, and last Saturday I finally got the chance to meet some of them.

I’d been invited to the Bournemouth Bloggers Clothes Swap at the Orange Rooms in Bournemouth town centre and came armed with a bag full of clothing eager to trade. After meeting the girls and diving head first into the clothing on offer I completely forgot to take pictures so I apologise for my one measly photo of the event – I had lots of ‘stars’ to spend (make-believe cash) due to my large fashion offering and like a kid in a sweet shop it was hard not to get distracted by the clothes! Our ‘swapping’ built up an appetite so a few of us stayed on afterwards for some food (nothing to do with the cocktails I’d been drinking) and it was great to sit down and find out everyone else’s experience of blogging – as the new girl at school I was eager to learn from the other seasoned pros!

On to the juicy bit, my clothes swap haul! It was a shame we didn’t label our clothes beforehand so we could find out who previously owned the bits we picked so if any of these items were yours then I’d loved to know. I’m also eager to discover who picked up my hand-me-downs! Thanks so much to Hannah from Hannah-bee for organising the event and her little helpers Rosie A Rosie Outlook , Cheryl Invest In Your Chest and anyone else I missed! I look forward to seeing you all again at the next #BournemouthBloggers meet up.

I’d like to think I came away from the event with not just a fashion haul but some potential future friends so if you attended the event comment below with links to your Twitter profile so we can keep in touch!

Bournemouth Bloggers Clothes SwapBournemouth Bloggers Clothes SwapBournemouth Bloggers Clothes SwapBournemouth Bloggers Clothes Swap

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