Perfume for the home


There’s nothing like a beautiful bottle of perfume to make you feel and smell wonderful. Spritzing on your favourite scent has become part of our everyday morning routine and the desire to smell gorgeous is high on most beauty-obsessed’s agenda. But while we’re worrying about what we smell like to others, do we ever consider what the space around us smells like? Surely it’s just as important to surround ourselves with pleasant fragrances as it is to personally smell good to others. This is where room fragrances come in to play!

Out of all our senses, smell is the most overlooked but the recent popularity of scented candles goes to show that people are starting to appreciate the pleasures of a good smell! We all love a good scented candle, just look at the amount of blog posts about them – room colognes however go under the radar but are right up there in the smell factor!

Kenneth Turner is a floral designer who knows all about fragrance, he even has a Royal Warrant to prove it. His ‘original’ room cologne is considered a bench mark classic in terms of lifestyle fragrance and is commonly referred to as the ‘Chanel No 5’ of the home fragrance market. Kenneth is also the exclusive florist in Harrods and has a glittering array of clients including royals, heads of states and A-listers. But these floral masterpieces aren’t just for the elite – us common folk can too experience his floral talent in the form of scented candles and room colognes.

I picked up these four fragrances the other day – one for the living room, bathroom and bedroom. You know the smells you associate with posh hotels or high-end stores? Well these colognes can bring that little bit of luxury into your home too. One spray can fill the room with a beautiful aroma and each has its own signature smell.

I chose Blue Tangerine for the bathroom because of its fresh, citrus aromas of lemon, orange and mandarin. It has ‘head notes of mint and camphor, and rich body notes of lavender, violet and patchouli’ – I’m unsure of what ‘head notes’ and ‘body notes’ are but these sure smell good! For the living room, I chose Nature Nurture, a deeper, aromatic smell which is a blend of jasmine, rose, sandalwood and cedar wood. I reserved my favourite for the bedroom, White Flowers, scented with freesia, jasmine and lilac with ‘middle notes’ of marigold and cyclamen and ‘base notes’ of exotic coconut and cassis. This scent is based on Kenneth’s signature bouquet and its gorgeous, fresh aroma makes my bedroom smell like Spring everyday!

These colognes aren’t the cheapest but are a steal compared to what you’d pay for perfume. A little goes a long way and I can’t think of a better way to make your house smell of fresh flowers!

The motto of the story? Don’t neglect your home, it wants to smell nice too!

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