Weekend round-up #2

Spring certainly arrived this weekend! The sun was out and the garden decided to come out of its slumber all in the space of a day. On Friday night, my boyfriend (from now on to be known as K) and I went out for dinner at Starz – an American diner on the high street close to our house. Their sweet potato fries are what bring us back again and again. Usually I’d go for one of their towering burgers but decided on a chicken wrap instead. It was yummy! I love the fact the bill comes with little chocolate stars instead of the usual mints!weekend round-upweekend round-up Spring has sprung in our garden and I noticed our first Peace lily out in bloom. We moved in to our house last summer so we’re discovering what our garden has to offer as the months roll by. I love watching the flowers come out and finding out their colours!weekend round-upSaturday was a day of baking! When Easter rolls around I get really in to making cakes so bought ingredients for three recipes all to go up on my blog over the next few weeks. Here’s a peek at one of the cakes – a banana and raspberry loaf. weekend round-upweekend round-upWith a pile of baked goods needing to be eaten, and knowing bikini season isn’t too far away, we invited the family over to help us through the mound of sweet treats! K turned barista, as he does on these occasions, and put our Nespresso machine to good use. His little niece enjoyed a babycino and gladly tucked in to the spread of cakes!weekend round-upAs it was a lovely evening, we decided to have a stroll on the beach to catch the sunset and walk off all the cake. We’re lucky to live a five minute drive or short walk to Bournemouth beach so K packed a couple of thermos’ of tea for the occasion. This made me laugh but was actually quiet romantic in an old retired couple kind of way! At this time of year the beach is so beautiful and peaceful in the evenings.weekend round-upweekend round-upweekend round-upSunday literally felt like summer! We took this opportunity to get outside and do some DIY and gardening (this weekend seemed to be suited to an elderly couple instead of twenty-somethings but we didn’t care). This meant a trip to the garden centre to get some plants. I bought a jasmine as I love the smell of jasmine scented candles and perfume, a rose, lavender bush and something pink that reminded me of Mediterranean holidays – a garden centre haul, who would have thought?!weekend round-up weekend round-up
I hope you enjoyed the sun this weekend, what did you get up to?

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