Have you tried a skin detox?

Chilly B Soap Company
Chilly B Soap Company

Have you ever looked at the ingredients list at the back of a bottle of cleanser or moisturiser and been astounded at the amount of ingredients one bottle holds? If our food held a list like this we would run for the hills and with the growing popularity of clean and organic eating I wonder why we don’t pay as much attention to what we put on our body? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of luxury skincare brands just like the rest of you but sometimes your skin needs a little detox!

Natural beauty can sometimes have a bad persona with many products not achieving the greatest of results and packaging and fragrances that are more utilitarian than ‘beauty’. There are however a few companies out there doing it right. You just have to look at the popularity of Lush Cosmetics to see that fresh handmade products can pack a punch in both the results they give and in pampering pleasure.

Chilly B Soap Company
Chilly B Soap Company is a name that you will soon be familiar with, I’d almost put money on it, and it won’t be long until their products are deemed VIPs of the natural, ethical, skincare world. I recently attended one of Chilly B’s open studio evenings where customers get the chance to sample the company’s range of beautiful handmade products, all made using traditional and artisan methods. This glimpse behind the scenes also takes you into Julie’s (the founder and creator) workshop, all set up inside her gorgeous Victorian home. It doesn’t take long for you to fall in love with the soap and indeed Julie herself!

Chilly B Soap Company
Julie began researching natural skincare back in 2009 as a means to help her daughter Bea cope with her eczema. “I began by trying to find the ‘best’ moisturiser and thought that by spending money on high end products I could help solve the problem. In reality, there was little to no change and indeed they often made it worse”, explains Julie.

“At the beginning of 2010 I took the plunge and started to make natural skin cream containing beautiful moisturising oils such as avocado, apricot kernel, jojoba and sweet almond oil. I blended essential oils such as lavender, patchouli and eucalyptus that have antifungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, adding vitamin E and a small amount of locally sourced beeswax. Within a week of using the cream the change in Bea’s skin was amazing and I became convinced that the result was due to the ‘back to nature’ knowledge I had gained.”

With family and friends seeing the results, requests came flooding in and this was the birth of Chilly B Soap Company.

Chilly B Soap CompanyChilly B Soap CompanyChilly B Soap Company

Julie now produces her soaps, balms, butters and body soufflés all from the comfort of her home studio and her products are in high demand not only from the public but hoteliers and businesses looking for the best in skincare.

I myself have sampled many of Julie’s gorgeous products and they have all made my skin feel amazing! If I had to pick my favourite I think it would be her Honey, Oat & Almond Milk Facial Cleansing Bar. It lathers up so beautifully and leaves your face so soft and cared for. I’ve always shied away from using soap on my face but if I have a flare up of spots this natural bar clears them up. It’s a lifeline in skincare and you know you’re giving your skin some love when it’s 100% natural. A close couple of contenders would have to be Julie’s Tuti-Fruti Soap On A Rope and her range of sweet smelling bath melts that condition and moisturise your skin better than any product I’ve tried.

Chilly B Soap CompanyChilly B Soap CompanyChilly B Soap CompanyChilly B Soap Company

If you are local to Bournemouth then make sure you visit one of Julie’s open studios. They run every first Friday of the month and all the details can be found on the Chilly B Soap Company Facebook page. It really was an eye opener to discover the visible results of Julie’s natural soaps and I urge you too to have a little skincare ‘detox’ and discover the benefits for yourself!

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11 thoughts on “Have you tried a skin detox?

  1. How awesome! What a cute little company, I will definitely be looking out for their stuff! I love all natural beauty products and agree with you about the long list of un-pronounceable ingredients in a lot of stuff we regularly use. At the same time, I do love my luxury items! I think heaven for me is luxury all-natural skincare…aka the holy grail!

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