Barry M Gelly Nail Paint: Salon nails at home

Barry M Gelly Nails

Passion Fruit | Sugar Apple | Grapefruit RRP £3.99

Barry M Gelly NailsI have always been a fan of Barry M nail polish, not only are they cheap to buy (meaning you can buy a selection of colours!), they are some of the best budget polishes on the market. They boast brilliant staying power due to their slightly thicker formula, and with the huge variety of colours and nail effects to choose from you feel like a kid in a candy shop!

When I saw Barry M’s range of Gelly Nail Hi-Shine paints I knew instantly I was going to fall in love with them (erm, how have I just discovered these?!). They are designed to give the same sheen and intensity as gel nails but without the price tag; I shy away from gels and false nails as I find they weaken my real nails. These polishes provide the same glossy effect as falsies and are great alternatives to your usual salon treatment. I picked up three bottles that score high in the colour stakes: Passion Fruit, Sugar Apple and Grapefruit.

Sugar Apple is a cross between powder blue and turquoise and is a beautiful summer shade. I sometimes find these tones of colours too vibrant but this shade is just a little brighter than a pastel blue. Passion Fruit is a juicy red on the orangey-pink side of the spectrum. This colour looks great on feet and would be my varnish of choice for a summer holiday. I spend most of the winter wearing dark red and plum nail varnish and it makes a nice change to switch to this brighter shade in the summer. Grapefruit is a hot pink with klout but I wouldn’t call it neon – it’s the perfect intensity and I just love it. You can never have enough pink nail varnish in my opinion!

You need 2-3 coats of this polish for good coverage but try not to overload the brush or apply too many strokes per coat as it can become streaky. As a typical rule for nail varnish application, try and coat each nail with three strokes, one in the centre and one on either side – this will give a smooth, even finish.

What is your favourite colour of Barry M Gelly Nail Paint?

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6 thoughts on “Barry M Gelly Nail Paint: Salon nails at home

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