Pandora: The final charm

Pandora Charm Bracelet
The story of my Pandora charm bracelet started when K bought me a little red heart enamel charm when we first started seeing each other nearly three years ago. I used to wear a cheap alternative to a Pandora bracelet filled with a handful of £2 beads I picked up at a summer fair. Without knowing I didn’t own a real one, K bought me the charm but it didn’t fit my bracelet! Needless to say I purchased a real one from Pandora the next day and that’s where it all began.

The first charm I bought was the little orb with a gold crown. It was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at the time so I thought it apt. My intention was for all my charms to have a meaning so I could look at it with fond memories. I purchased a couple of silver clips and a seashell charm (to remind me of my home seaside town of Bournemouth) a few months later and, over the coming months and years, K (being the gentleman he is) spoilt me to a selection of charms that were more often than not just lovely little surprises.

He presented me with the gold, diamond flip flop charm on our return from our first summer holiday to Majorca – I always look back at it with happy memories of our time spent there. The gold spacers were a gift on our anniversary and are some of my favourite charms on the bracelet.

I bought the shuttlecock charm online from Achica at a snippet of its full price (they often have Pandora sales so check the site out!). It reminded me of my parents who used to play badminton together when they were first dating!

My most precious charm, the gold locket and key, was given to me by K when we bought our first house together last summer. He gave it to me on the day we got the keys and after excitedly looking around the house he declared he had something special for me and produced it out of his pocket. I’ll spare you the cheesy details but it resembles a key that unlocks not only a door…

The final charm to fill my bracelet was an edelweiss I bought a couple of months ago in Switzerland. My parents took my brother and I skiing on our final holiday as a family. It was a special holiday and I wanted a keepsake to remember it by so I purchased the charm – the national flower of the country – in the jewellers in the town we were staying in.

Do you have a Pandora charm bracelet? What do your charms mean to you? Let me know in the comment box below. .

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If of interest, I’ve linked my charms below, a few have become discontinued on so I’ve linked to other jewellers who still have them in stock:

Silver Heart Spacer
Openwork Gold Heart Spacer
Open Gold Flower Spacer
Abstract Roses Spacer
Small Rose Spacer

Gold Heart Lock & Key Charm
Two Tone Seashell Charm
Silver Steady Heart Charm
Enamel Heart Pendant Charm
Yellow Cubic Zirconia Edelweiss Flower Charm
Pink Rhodolite Treasured Heart Charm
Two Tone King Crown Charm
Two Tone Shuttlecock Charm
Onyx And Diamond Flower Leaf Charm
Gold And Diamond Flip Flop Charm
Amethyst Interlocking Hoop Charm
Silver Yellow Dropper Charm
Pearl Dangle Charm

Flower Burst Clip
Ribbed Clip


14 thoughts on “Pandora: The final charm

  1. This is such a lovely post Sarah, I’ve been toying with a Pandora bracelet but I would want the right charm for the right moment, rather than just purchasing because I want it! I start a new job soon though so perhaps now is the time! Stephie from Tea in Your Twenties x

  2. such a lovely bracelet 🙂 do you mind sharing, is the gold key to my heart charm threaded as i am thinking of getting it as a gift for my mom and she prefers threaded charms. thanks!

  3. No, i meant is the charm threaded? As I know some of the charms, ie openworks and spacers and some full gold charms are not threaded, they just slide in to the bracelet without having to be ‘screwed’ in. Thanks again Sarah for your help! 🙂

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