Weekend round-up #6: Bournemouth beach, Molly’s Den & Eurovision

This weekend was a bit of a chilled one – some of my favourite weekends are unplanned and spontaneous and this one was just that. Friday night we stayed in, I did a bit of blogging and K popped to the shops to buy food to cook a healthy version of a Chinese takeaway. He came back with some flowers for me and cooked an amazing dinner with handmade chicken satay skewers. They were so yummy!flowerschinese
Saturday morning we visited Bournemouth and I paid a sneaky trip to Space NK. I really had to rein myself in as there were so many amazing things – I’ll keep my purchase under wraps as I’ll be blogging about it soon!Space NK
After a bit of shopping we headed down to the beach for a coffee. It was so windy down there we almost got blown away!
Bournemouth BeachBournemouth GardensCoffeeBournemouth Beach Huts
Saturday afternoon we decided to visit Mollys Den in New Milton, a vintage/antique warehouse filled with the most eclectic collection of stalls. I’ve been a big fan of Mollys Den Emporium for a while and purchased quite a few bits from the store when we bought our house last summer. Their stuff is so reasonable and you can bag yourself some real bargains from upcycled furniture, antique lighting and retro cook ware! After the success of their flagship store in Poole, they opened this warehouse in New Milton a few months ago and this was our first visit. It didn’t disappoint!
Mollys DenMollys DenMollys DenMollys DenMollys DenMollys DenMollys DenMollys Den
I also finished a collage of old family pictures I’ve been working on for a few months. It’s kind of a family tree tracing back to my great great grandparents. The collage has taken me a while to complete as I’ve had to find and scan a number of photographs. It has been a real eye opener looking through the old family albums and I’ve discovered a lot about my ancestry. I’m really pleased with how it’s turned out!
vintage photosvintage photos
Saturday evening was Eurovision night so K and I prepared a huge feast for the occasion! I’ve never sat through the whole of Eurovision before and it was actually really entertaining. As usual, the United Kingdom didn’t do that well on the sore board but Austria’s Conchita well deserved her win!
giant avocadeRed Burgundymezze
Sunday I didn’t leave the house! We had a big tidy up and clean and started decorating our spare room – the last one of the house to do up! We did nearly all of the renovations within 3 months of buying the place but the spare room has kind of lagged behind… We had K’s family over for tea then just chilled out in front of the telly for the rest of the evening. 

Hope you all had a fun weekend!

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5 thoughts on “Weekend round-up #6: Bournemouth beach, Molly’s Den & Eurovision

  1. I love Molly’s Den! We’ve got some great pieces from there. I haven’t made it over to the one in New Milton yet though. Love all those old family photos. They’re amazing! x

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