Primark Dress Haul: Summer fashion on a budget

A couple of weekends ago I visited Primark just to have a little ‘look’ and left with five dresses… I hadn’t been into Primark for over a year and boy I’d been missing out! There were so many nice things and I had to restrain myself not to leave the store with more. I spent under £60 on this haul which is crazy considering I usually pay that for just one dress. They may not be top quality but who cares… I’ve added some great pieces to my summer wardrobe!

I promised to blog a proper haul when I gave a sneak peek of these dresses in my recent Weekend Round-up so here they are in their full glory! I hope it inspires you to visit Primark and pick up some summer dresses for yourself.

Primark Floral Dress Primark Striped DressPrimark Pink DressPrimark Collar Shift Dress Primark Floral Dress

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17 thoughts on “Primark Dress Haul: Summer fashion on a budget

  1. Love the pink flowery dress! So pretty. The red stripes really suits you as well. I think Primark has definitely improved their collections in the past few years! I used to love the idea of them but the products were never actually much good. Now I’m always struggling cos I wanna buy so many items! xx

    Katy |

  2. Love the pink Primark dress (and excuse the comment on an old post, but I’m currently stalking that dress on Ebay :D) – I wondered if you find it gets static cling? I’m always a bit wary of 100% polyester dresses.

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