Weekend round-up #8: Bournemouth Wheels festival & more DIY!

Bournemouth BeachThis weekend was a tale of two halves, so was the weather… Friday kicked off to a flying start when this beautiful bouquet of flowers was delivered to my office! They were from K and completely unexpected. He’s very spontaneous at times and after nearly three years together he’s still full of surprises!
Interflora flowersOn Saturday my Mum came round and helped me put up the wallpaper I’d bought for our spare room. If you caught last week’s round-up you’ll know we are in the middle of decorating and I was struggling to find a paper I liked – well we found one! I won’t reveal too much as I want to blog about the makeover!
Wallpaper GlobetrotterOn Sunday the sun decided to make an appearance so we headed down to the beach to visit the Bournemouth Wheel’s Festival that was taking place over the bank holiday weekend. The beach was buzzing with people and there were all kinds of vehicles, including vintage cars, monster trucks, military tanks, bikes and super cars. I’m not really a car-lover but it was a fun day!
Bournemouth BeachBeach Pier Bournemouth BeachBournemouth Wheels FestivalBournemouth Wheels FestivalBournemouth Wheels Festival
Bournemouth Wheels FestivalThere were lots of food stalls including this inventive London bus-come-pub and I couldn’t resist these strawberries with melted belgium chocolate that tasted just as good as they look! I think I’m going to have to make these at home…
Bournemouth Wheels Festival
Bournemouth Wheels FestivalSome of my favourite cars at the festival were made by Volkswagen. It may be a little cliche but I’d love to own one of these campers and go on road trips around the UK! Look how cute it is inside! I’m going to have to make do with my VW Golf for the time being though…
Bournemouth Wheels FestivalBournemouth Wheels FestivalBournemouth Wheels FestivalBournemouth Wheels FestivalBournemouth Wheels FestivalBournemouth Wheels FestivalBournemouth Wheels Festival
Bournemouth Wheels FestivalMy mum took K and I out for lunch but it was so hot (plus I’d been eating strawberries…) that I wasn’t really hungry. I opted for a passion fruit and mango smoothie instead! I don’t eat much fruit in winter but as soon as it gets sunny I love it!
Cafe Reef BournemouthAfter we finished at the festival we did a little shopping. I’ve been looking for some summer sandals for a while and have visited Office twice with no avail – I have size 3 feet and they never have any in my size. Sort it out Office! K bought these shoes which gave me massive shoe envy as I left empty handed again. 
Office Mens ShoesIn the evening we bought fish and chips which I’d been craving since we passed Harry Ramsden’s on Bournemouth beach earlier in the day. I keep telling myself I need to start eating healthy for summer but each weekend I get so tempted!
Alma Road Fish BarWe woke up today to a cloudy sky but decided we’d risk the weather and paint our picket fence in the back garden. The last owners had dogs and the fence runs the edge of our patio area – I guess they wanted to keep them out of the garden. It makes a nice little feature so we decided to paint it dark green (I kind of wish we painted it white now as it would have looked really quaint. The beauty of hind sight). Just as we finished painting the heavens opened and it chucked it down. Now I’m worried our paint work is going to get ruined and we’ll have to paint it all over again! I hate wet bank holidays, it takes all the fun out of an extra day off work.
Picket FenceThis afternoon we went shopping in John Lewis Home for a light for our spare room but couldn’t find one we liked – we’re really fussy! We ended up having a coffee and headed home for an evening in front of the television.

This weekend has gone so quickly and I wish we had more time! Back to the grind tomorrow…

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