Freshly baked scones in under 30mins!

How to make sconeshow to make sconesI’ve been doing a lot of spontaneous baking recently and these scones were no exception! One evening I fancied something sweet to eat and we had some clotted cream in the fridge leftover from eating bowls of strawberries. If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know that I’m partial to a cream tea so scones were the obvious choice! Having never baked scones before, I headed to the oracle of all things… Google and came across Delia Smith’s recipe for simple scones. If there’s anyone to trust apart from Mary Berry when it comes to honest baking it’s got to be Delia!

The recipe looked so quick and simple, plus we had everything in the store cupboard that we needed. The recipe took under 10 minutes to make and only 15 minutes in the oven. K actually did the graft while I read out the recipe (if your non-baker boyfriend can make these perfectly, it’s a good indication of how easy they are!). We didn’t wait long to tuck into them warm and fresh from the oven.

You can find Delia’s recipe here. Have a go yourself and enjoy cream teas any day of the week – I bet you have everything you need in your store cupboard right now! Why not try adding raisins or cheese and sundried tomatoes for a savoury version?

If of interest, my tea set is from Emma Bridgewater in the pattern Great Britain. I bought it in the sale last year and also have a matching melamine set for picnics! Thinking about it, I may give you a tour of my Emma Bridgewater collection sometime soon. Let me know if you’d like to see it! (I apologise for the bad lighting in these shots, it was the evening and all I had was tungsten light!)

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5 thoughts on “Freshly baked scones in under 30mins!

  1. I love your teapot! I use the same Delia recipe for making scones but yours look much prettier than mine! I swapped out the golden caster sugar for the regular stuff, and used normal butter as I didn’t have any spreadable in the fridge so that could be why. Which did you use?

    Joey x

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