Weekend round-up #9: Birthday barn dancing, baking & breakfast!

It was my Dad’s 60th birthday party this weekend. He shared it with a friend and organised a barn dance in our local town hall! I spent last week decorating his birthday cake that my mum had baked for the event. I’m going to blog about the cake later this week so will only show a sneak peek here! It featured a replica of his sailing dinghy! It was a bring a dish party so I also made some cake pops and K baked some scones using the Delia Smith recipe I posted last week here. The barn dance was actually a lot of fun! My Dad goes regularly and most people there were ‘professionals’ so us amateurs took a little longer to pick up the moves!
baking scones cake pops
cake pop mould20140601-185613.jpg20140601-185524.jpgbirthday cakeballoon dog
balloonsToday we had a chilled out Sunday starting with brunch at Starz in Charminster, Bournemouth. I ordered American pancakes and a strawberry smoothie and K had a full English. The pancakes may look good in the photo but they were a big disappointment, so if you ever visit, avoid them!
American pancakes maple syrup
strawberry smoothieWe just relaxed this afternoon and did a bit of shopping and tonight we’re going to have a box set marathon watching Breaking Bad! I hope you all had a great weekend!

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