Why use a face mist? Spritz easy!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Face MistI had always been intrigued by face mists but didn’t think they had much of a place in my day to day beauty routine other than potentially being a nice pick-me-up for my skin. I figured with my expensive habit for beauty shopping a mist would probably be a product I could live without. I was WRONG! I ordered The Body Shop Vitamin E Face Mist out of pure curiosity after seeing others using face mists on a regular basis, and turns out this product is way more than just a way to cool down a hot flush! After spending some time using one and doing a bit of research it turns out there are so many uses and benefits of using a facial mist…

To set make-up – This is one of the most common uses for a face mist, and you’ll see makeup artists use one for this reason! Spraying your face once or twice with a mist after applying your make up will help it settle in to the skin to avoid cakey foundation or an overly ‘made-up’ look that can come from using too much powder. It also gives you a nice dewy glow for a while!

During your morning/evening skincare routine – The Body Shop Face Mist is particularly good for this as it includes Vitamin E which protects and repairs your skin. Spritz right before applying moisturiser day and night to give your skin that extra little boost to keep it healthy and looking fresh. It’s best to apply moisturiser to slightly wet skin to lock down the hydration!

Applying pigment – Most of us have experienced the drama of using a loose pigment eyeshadow that has ended up down our cheeks instead of on our eyes! To avoid a face full of glitter, spritz your eyeshadow brush with a little face mist before dipping it in to your pigment. This will help pick up the product from the pot and enhance the vibrancy of the pigment on your eyes. This technique also turns pressed or cream eyeshadows into eyeliners!

It just feels damn good – A face mist is a travel beauty essential and reenergises your face in one spritz. Make sure to have one in your bag for long-haul journeys to keep you skin moisturised and happy. It’s also handy if you work in an air conditioned office that can play havoc with your skin. Pack a face mist in your beach bag for those hot summer days to instantly cool and refresh your skin without ruining your make-up.

Anyone can benefit from a face mist but for those with dry and irritable skin then it’s a must to keep your face flake free and glowing! I for one are now a massive fan. Let me know if you have any other uses for facial mists in the comment box below! You can find out how I got on with some of my other recent The Body Shop purchases including their Baked-To-Last Blush, Seaweed Exfoliator and Vitamin E Serum-In-Oil by clicking on these links.

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15 thoughts on “Why use a face mist? Spritz easy!

  1. Sarah I have this in my cosmetics cupboard and have been using it for ages… In Fact it may be in my bag for work tomorrow. It also leaves you skin feeling lovely and soft. I take it to my summer demos to keep me feeling cool as well as some of them can feel like hot houses… Fab post I learnt so much more about it. Going to try using it with my eye shadows as I’m being more adventurous with greens and teals at the moment… xx

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