5 easy YouTube hair tutorials!

5 Easy YouTube Hair Tutorials

I’m really excited to be sharing this blog post with you as it’s the kind of thing I enjoy reading (and watching!) on other peoples’ blogs. I’ve only done one hair tutorial on my blog, my Three Ways With Plaits, because I find they lend themselves better to videos – daisychains & dreamers will have its own vlogging channel at some point! Until then, I’ve been searching high and low on YouTube to find the easiest and prettiest hairstyles to do at home from a selection of beauty savvy bloggers. I’m no hair stylist and struggle doing anything other than a pony tail, so wanted to share with you some hairstyles that I managed to do myself. I’ve put the following YouTube tutorials through their paces and can safely say they are simple enough for you, yes YOU, to do at home in no time at all. To prove this, I managed to do all five hairstyles in the morning during a Mon-Fri working week!

How to do Zoella milkmaid braidZoella’s Milkmaid Braid
First up is the milkmaid braid. If you are a regular reader or know me well, then you know this is one of my all time fave hairdos! It’s just so simple to do and is great for when your hair decides to go a bit awol. You will need hair that’s at least a little longer than your shoulders – the trick is to start the plaits from behind your ears. I cross the plaits right over my head but for those with shorter hair you can pin them to meet in the middle. I learnt this tutorial from YouTube’s hottest blogger, Zoella, and you can find her tutorial How To: MilkMaid Braid Up-do here.

Blake Lively Plait CannesTanya Burr’s Blake Lively Inspired Hair
Tanya’s YouTube channel is my go-to place for makeup tutorials but she does post the occasional hair video, demonstrating simple and chic styles. This high plait was inspired by Blake Lively’s hair at Cannes Film Festival last month and is such a sleek look. Ruffing up the braid gives it a lived-in feel and for hot summer days or trips to the beach this hairdo is ideal! Find Tanya’s Blake Lively Inspired Hair Tutorial here.

Simple twist hair do Ann Lu Grecian hair style
Ann Le’s Easy Bohemian Twist
This grecian inspired hair style is a great alternative for those of you, like me, who can’t do a french plait. The way Ann creates the twist for this hairdo is just genius and I never imagined being able to do this look on my hair until I watched her tutorial! This video is from Ann’s archives and it’s crazy to see how far she’s come over the past 4 years! You can find Ann’s DIY: Hair Tutorial Easy Bohemian Twist – How to do a Cute Updo Hairstyle here.

How to do a hair bow
Mimi’s Half-up Hair Bow
Mimi is a goddess when it comes to hair tutorials. Once you find her YouTube channel, Luxy Hair, you’ll be trying out all sorts of hairstyles! Her Half-up Hair Bow Cute Hair Tutorial is one I spotted on Pinterest a while ago and sought out a video to find out how to do it. This bow can also be done to a ponytail to make a bow-shaped bun for a really dramatic look!

Messy bun tutorial Lily Melrose
Lily Melrose’s Easy Summer Bun 
Lily Melrose has a beautiful blog as well as her own YouTube channel. I’ve read Lily’s blog for a while but only just started watching her videos, and my messy bun has been created following her Easy Summer Bun Tutorial. I do this hairstyle with and without a hair donut depending on how I’m feeling and how large I want my bun to be. I haven’t used one in this picture, instead twirling my pony tail around on itself and messing it up a bit before pinning.

Make sure to check out these ladies’ YouTube channels – be warned, they become addictive!

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  1. Love the side braid, I have to short hair to do it :// Check my blog out, having a giveaway at 100 followers! Ofcourse I follow back! 😀 ❤

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