June Favourites: Beauty to Breaking Bad

june favourites
It’s that time again; a round-up of my favourite products this June! For this month’s favourites I have mixed it up a little with a selection of items from beauty through to Breaking Bad…

Leather Satchel

This bag is more of a year round favourite! I bought it from a leather market in Mallorca 2 years ago. I wanted to include it in this round-up because Warehouse is now stocking a satchel that is practically identical! I have no idea whether they sourced the bags from the same producer in Mallorca or whether one of their designers spotted it and a replica was manufactured. I thought it was really strange because mine came from a tiny leather stall, in a little country village, made by an artisan leather bag maker! I was a little upset that my unique bag is now being mass produced but it does mean that you can now purchase it too if you like it – although not as cheap as I did!

Garnier Summer Body

You may recall the St Tropez Gradual Tan Mousse I was using a couple of months ago, well, as the weather has heated up I needed an alternative that can be used straight from the shower. Nothing beats the St Tropez colour but it’s not advised to shave prior to using and it doesn’t moisturise your skin. This makes it better suited to a spring climate when not every day is a get-your-legs-out day, giving you time to exfoliate/shave/moisturise in between applications. This is where Garnier’s Summer Body comes in. I can apply it every morning and use it as a replacement for my body moisturiser. The colour it creates is so realistic and builds gradually to give you a natural tan. After a week of using you will need to exfoliate as you would with a standard fake tan but I haven’t come across one with a better colour! Plus, it has an apricot aroma so you don’t smell like a biscuit all day!

Dr Organic Rose Otto Face Scrub

I’ve been really in to face scrubs recently – I think this is due to the fact I’m trying to keep my skin super healthy and wear less makeup. An exfoliator keeps your complexion looking healthy and radiant and this one by Dr Organic contains Rose Otto Oil, rich in skin toning and anti-aging properties. I’m a big believer in natural skincare and have noticed a huge improvement to my skin since using natural products on my face. This exfoliator contains a blend of bioactive, natural and organic ingredients with natural micro particles of volcanic lava, corn cob powder and ground fruit seed! You can pick it up from Holland & Barratt health food stores.

Elizabeth Arden Gently Hydrating Toner

OK, so this isn’t a natural skincare product but I love it nonetheless! I don’t know about you but I often find liquid toners harsh on my skin. I have pretty normal skin – it is a little on the sensitive side and has the odd patch of dryness/oiliness but all the beauty professionals I have ever seen for a facial have classed it as ‘normal’. I bought this gently hydrating toner from the Elizabeth Arden counter as part of a skincare set and have found it works wonders for my skin. There’s no ‘sting’ and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and soothed unlike any other liquid toner I’ve used.

Breaking Bad

I know, I’m way behind the times but K and I have been watching our way through the Breaking Bad box set! We’re on season 3 and it’s starting to get really dark… I reckon we’ll be through all five seasons in just over a month so if you have any other suggestions of TV shows we’ll enjoy then leave them in the comment box below.


As soon as I saw the return of the scrunchie I jumped right on it! I had a large collection as a kid and embraced this new trend with these two knot-style scrunchies from Primark in floral and polka heart prints. They look so cute in a ponytail! I also bought some plain black ones for bedtime. My hair has got really long lately and I’ve been having to tie it back at night. I’ve noticed that my hair has become broken by using hairbands to secure a ponytail while I sleep but these new scrunchies feel really comfortable and don’t pull at my hair.

Pink Leather Filofax

Keeping organised is tricky at the best of times, and trying to be blog organised when juggling a full time job that often involves overtime can be a complicated business (Let me know if this is a problem for you too in the comment box below). My brother gave me this pink Filofax Finsbury Personal Organiser for my birthday and I love jotting down blog post ideas, scheduling content and keeping track of dates. You do have to pay out a little for a Filofax but they are so worth it and last such a long time. You can personalise yours with your own choice of inserts from maps to tables for keeping track of your outgoings.

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