DIY: How to make tissue paper pompoms

DIY tissue pompoms

Crafting has become super popular recently, especially when it comes to throwing a party. You may be used to making the odd handmade decoration at Christmas but why not add that handmade touch to parties and celebrations throughout the year? I’m going to show you how to make tissue paper pompom orbs for a birthday celebration, baby shower, wedding or even a summer BBQ – they look great hanging from trees! I even saw some strung above a dining table in Ikea the other day. They are cheap and very simple to make, so what are you waiting for?!

DIY tissue pompomsDIY tissue pompomsDIY tissue pompomsDIY tissue pompomsDIY tissue pompoms
DIY tissue pompoms

What you’ll need:

Tissue Paper – I used an assorted pack of tissue paper from Craft Planet and managed to make six pompoms from this. Choose colours that match your celebration – so if you’re throwing a baby shower pick pale blues or pinks, or go for a mix of shades like I did for a birthday party. If you are crafting decorations for a wedding, choose colours to complement your colour scheme. Make sure you have a selection of tones if you want to create ombre pompoms but any colour combinations will work!

Wire – Any old wire will suffice but I used beading wire that I picked up from a craft/hobby shop. You could use string instead but wire is a better option.

String for hanging – I used striped bakers twine but anything you have around the home will work eg. thread, wool, string.

DIY tissue pompoms

1) The puffier you want your pompoms the more tissue paper sheets you should use per orb. I used approx 12 sheets but it’s up to you. The size of the tissue paper will also dictate the size of your finished pompom – my larger orbs were made from A4 sheets of tissue paper and my smaller orbs were made from A5 sheets. Layer your tissue sheets together and concertina fold into a thick strip.

DIY tissue pompoms

2) Wrap wire around the centre of the strip to secure and tie on a length of string for hanging later. As you can see you don’t have to be particularly neat, as once puffed up your pompoms will take on the quality of a fluffy clouds hiding any imperfections!

DIY tissue pompoms

3) Trim the ends of the strip into points or semicircles using a pair of scissors. The offcuts make great multicoloured confetti!

DIY tissue pompoms

4) Fan out the tissue paper folds, one half at a time, and carefully pull down each layer of tissue to form the orb shape. Once all the layers have been separated, fluff up the orb with your fingers until you are happy with the shape.

DIY tissue pompoms

See how simple tissue paper pompoms are to make! Next time you are throwing a party make sure to have a go. If you enjoyed this crafty DIY project why not check out my DIY floral garland headband! Kirstie Allsopp eat your heart out…

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4 thoughts on “DIY: How to make tissue paper pompoms

  1. So beautiful!
    I’m glad that I saw this post because I’m looking for some ways to spice up my room.
    This looks like the ticket, and it sounds pretty easy (Even I can’t mess it up!)!

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