This little house: The bathroom

Roll top bath

This week as part of my Sunday This Little House series I’m taking you around our bathroom. Upon writing this post and taking pictures, I realised that a bathroom really isn’t the most glamorous of things to blog about! I was tempted to bypass this room but figured I spend so much time in my bathroom, and beauty is a topic I cover often on daisychains & dreamers, so thought it would be nice to show you where the real magic happens!

We were lucky when we moved in to our house because the bathroom really didn’t need much doing to it. The bathroom suite was fairly new and I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the roll-top bath was a definite factor in the decision to buy the place! There was however a couple of vital things missing from the room that no beauty addict can live without… a mirror and storage for my ever expanding collection of lotions and potions.

To spruce up the room we added some spotlights to the ceiling, put up a matching mirror, shelf, towel holder and light pull, replaced the toilet seat and fitted a bathroom cabinet. I also painted the room and skirting boards and tried my hand at tiling above the sink!


I love a bath, especially in the winter, it’s the best way to relax after a day at work. I always have a stash of bath bombs and face masks at the ready, and light candles to soothe away the day’s stresses and strains. On the window sill is a dish filled with bath goodies from Lush and Chilly B Soap Company, Yankee candles and a Ginger & White Lily Candle from Stoneglow Candles London. I bought the large Season Of Peace Yankee Candle at Christmas and it is still going strong – it smells so good!

BathroomWindowSill BathroomCandlesYankeeCandleRollTopBathFeet

I upcycled our bathroom cabinet from a pine corner unit I found in a vintage warehouse. I couldn’t find one suitable in the shops so decided I’d have to get creative. I painted the unit white and added some frosted film to the glass to hide its contents. I blogged about my DIY cabinet makeover a few months ago so make sure to check it out!


I wanted the bathroom fittings to match the style of the suite and found the mirror, shelf, towel holder, light pull and toilet roll holder in B&Q. The sink didn’t have a splash back so I decided to have a go at tiling and put up some small white tiles and a border – it was actually really easy to do and I recommend you give it a go if you’re planning a kitchen or bathroom makeover.


This glass pot came from Dunelm Mill and I fill it with cotton wool pads. I use them to take my makeup off each night and get through so many it’s handy to have a pot to store them.


The shower only needed a good scrub – it’s surprising what a bit of elbow grease can achieve! When we bought the house it was a massive bonus to have a separate shower and bath. All the rentals I had lived in prior to this had always had showers over the bath and it’s nice to have the option of both. 


I wanted somewhere to store toilet rolls so picked up this basket from TK Maxx, and the ceramic toilet brush holder came from BHS Home. I think they both tie in well with the traditional feel of the bathroom.


What I found the hardest when it came to sprucing up our bathroom was finding fittings and accessories suitable for a period house – everywhere we looked there was chrome, chrome and more chrome! With a little creativity I hope I’ve managed to retain some character with the pieces I’ve purchased and upcycled. There’s so much you can do to a bathroom to give it a makeover without having to change the suite, and a bit of elbow grease can make things sparkly new again (I even put Coca Cola down the toilet to get rid of limescale!). I hope this has inspired you to maybe have a little revamp yourself without breaking the bank!

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8 thoughts on “This little house: The bathroom

  1. I like how low the window is, perfect for a roll top bath. I really want one of those showers, though and I would have preferred a more solid frosted film, rather than the pattern. Good job, though!

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