Stocking up on Lush goodies

Lush Bournemouth

I like to have a big bag of Lush goodies ready to dive in to whenever I have a bath, and last week I reached in to discover one solitary bath bomb sitting at the bottom of the bag. This needed to be rectified so last weekend I popped in to Lush to stock up. There were a couple of new bath bombs I wanted to try, including one called Granny Takes A Dip! I noticed its psychedelic explosion of colour on the Lush Facebook page and was eager to try one. Here’s what else was in my shopping bag…

Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt

This bath melt smelt so sweet I had to add it to my basket! Inside this candy floss pink melt is a powder made from the roots of the marshmallow herb, used traditionally to heal cuts and skin irritations. Lush bath melts dissolve in the bath like butter, soothing the skin and releasing the most amazing scents. If you’re a fan of the Creamy Candy bubble bar then you’re going to love this too!

Granny Takes A Dip Bath Bomb

This bath bomb isn’t altogether suited for a relaxing wallow, but who says you can’t have some fun at bath time? Smelling of ginger, pepper and lemon, this colourful bath bomb fizzes into multicoloured rings. You’ve got to visit the Lush website to see it in action! I’m not sure what Granny would think of this one… maybe give it to her at Christmas to see!

H’Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment

This hair mask is my go-to saviour when my hair becomes dry and brittle. I’m currently attempting a no-heat week and have confiscated my straighteners and curling wand. My hair has become a bit out of condition and the worse it gets the more styling it needs and I’ve got stuck in a vicious circle. I’m now trying to stick to hair clips and serum to tame the mane and bought a pot of H’Suan Wen Hua to give it a deep condition. I’m a big fan of this hair mask and have used it in the past with great results. It’s filled with avocados, bananas and olive oil and leaves my hair feeling silky and soft.

Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar

This was one of the first ever products I purchased from Lush. The chocolate peppermint smell and knobbly aduki beans were what lured me in and it has become a firm favourite of mine. The bar contains a warming blend of essential oils, organic cocoa butter and shea butter, as well as jojoba oil and extra virgin coconut oil that slowly melt with contact with the skin. The only issue is finding someone willing to give me a massage!

Big Blue Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is a first for me and seemed appropriate for a summer bath as it contains sea salt to remove dead skin cells and kelp that softens in the hot bath water. I think I may even give it a go tonight!


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8 thoughts on “Stocking up on Lush goodies

  1. It took me a while to get into Lush products but its safe to say I love them now, I found the Hair Doctor mask worked so well so if you want a change next time I’d definitely recommend that one! Enjoy 🙂

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