Weekend round-up #13: Eating like a king & Bournemouth Bloggers Brunch

Cafe Boscanova Bournemouth

This weekend I met up with some of Bournemouth’s loveliest bloggers for brunch so I thought I’d post a weekend round-up to tell you all about it, but to start, here’s some of the other frolics I got up to over the weekend!

On Saturday morning K and I went to Cafe Boscanova for breakfast and I ordered their Lumber Jack pancakes complete with maple syrup and crispy bacon! They literally do the best pancakes in town, as well as fresh juices and vegan delicacies. The cafe has a hippy vibe which I love and the decor is so eclectic. It was rated one of the top 50 cafes in the UK so if you are local there’s not excuse not to pay this place a visit!

Cafe Boscanova BournemouthCafe Boscanova BournemouthCafe Boscanova Bournemouth

After breakfast we decided to pay a visit to the Bournemouth Vintage Emporium in Pokesdown. If you’re a regular reader of my blog and are familiar with my This Little House series then you’ll know I’m a fan of upcycled furniture and vintage home decor. The Bournemouth Vintage Emporium opened in May and is filled to the brim with curiosities, vintage clothes and art. It’s a very cool place to visit, I just wish we had more room in our house so I could buy more things!

Bournemouth Vintage Emporium Bournemouth Vintage Emporium Bournemouth Vintage Emporium Bournemouth Vintage Emporium Bournemouth Vintage Emporium Bournemouth Vintage Emporium Bournemouth Vintage Emporium Bournemouth Vintage Emporium

Once we were finished at the emporium we dropped by K’s mum’s house to meet this little fella! K’s brother recently bought a black labrador puppy called Hector and he is the cutest thing! Just look at those puppy dog eyes…

Black labrador puppy

We then headed down to the beach, which we try to do every weekend, and as the weather was so hot we thought a paddle in the sea may cool us down! On the walk there we picked up some ice lollies…

Solero Twister ice lollyCanford Cliffs BeachBournemouth BeachBournemouth Beach paddle

In the evening we went out for dinner to Peppinos Italian restaurant down the road from where we live and shared some starters, a pizza and a bowl of pasta. This starter of buffalo mozzarella wrapped in ham was the best dish of the evening by far!

Peppinos Bournemouth

On Sunday I met up with some local fellow bloggers for brunch at Urban Reef. The restaurant is on Boscombe beach promenade and has a beautiful view of the beach, stretching from Old Harry Rocks in Studland right across to the Isle of Wight. I’d met a few of the girls before at other events but there were some new faces and those I’ve been a follower of for a while and was looking forward to meet.

Hannah (Hannah Bee) organised the meet-up and I was meant to arrive with Emma (The PR Mummy) who I work with but due to me chopping half my finger off the day before I was a little late (ok a bit of an exaggeration but it’s a story for another time). When I arrived Hannah and Emma were already there along with vlogger Claire (The Witt Family) and blogger Laura (Max and Mummy), neither of whom I had met before. I was just in time to order breakfast and opted for Eggs Benedict which was so delicious. Not long after Emma (The Style Box) arrived with Lucy (Lucy In The Sky With Diamantes) and eventually Freya (NorseSouth) who had to walk all the way from Boscombe centre as the parking was practically non-existent! It was so lovely chatting to the girls and getting to know them better, as well as picking up a few blogging tips! Make sure to visit their blogs!

Urban Reef BournemouthBournemouth Bloggers Brunch
Bournemouth Bloggers Brunch

Saturday evening K and I went over to my mum and dad’s house for a BBQ to celebrate my mum’s birthday – yes more food! I ate so much this weekend that I don’t think I’m going to need to eat until next Saturday.

BBQ meatBBQ meat

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7 thoughts on “Weekend round-up #13: Eating like a king & Bournemouth Bloggers Brunch

  1. Blimey! You had a jam-packed weekend! It was so lovely to meet you! Sorry we didn’t get to chat much – I’ll leave Hux at home next time but needed to get him out the house so Nick could do some work.
    I love Cafe Boscanova so much. Despite being to San Francisco four times and walking past the place about a million times, we’ve never actually eaten at the inspiration for Boscanova, Cafe Boogaloo – we’ll have to make sure we pop in next time we’re there!
    Also, how have I never heard of the vintage emporium??? I’ve been to Molly’s Den several times so I’ll have to go and check it out!

    • Was lovely to meet you too Emma! Yes I wish we had more time to chat, it all seemed to finish pretty pronto. Are you coming to the next one? Was great to meet Huxley too, he’s such a cutie!

      Boscanova’s pancakes are just amazing, their blueberry ones are also the bomb! The Vintage Emporium has only been open a few months and I discovered them on Twitter – big fan of Molly’s Den too so you have to visit. They also have a coffee shop so worth a trip for the cake alone! x

  2. What an excellent tour of Bournemouth!!

    I’ve been meaning to get to the Vintage Emporium for ages, these pictures have definitely given me a kick up the backside to go!

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