DIY: Framed pin board world map

Holiday map pins

It’s about time I did another craft make on my blog! I’d love to do at least two a month be it cake making, a DIY project or furniture upcycling and so far I’ve only managed one a month… I’m setting myself that challenge now!

This DIY framed map not only looks great as part of a picture wall but it also serves as a pin board to map the countries you have visited! Travel themed home decor is so on trend so inject some globe trotting style into your home with map patterns and prints, be it on a cushion or hanging in a frame. This piece of art is completely bespoke, simple to make and only took me an evening to put together. Read on to find out how to make this framed pin board map for yourself…

Holiday map pins

1) To start, download this world map for free, print it off at your required size and cut out.

2) Buy a box frame with an opening slightly bigger than your map. I bought a 10 x 8″ white 3D presentation box frame from Amazon but Ikea stock lots of affordable box frames too.

3) Take an old cork pin board or buy one from a stationery store – mine cost £2 from Wilkinsons. Cut out a middle section of the pin board to fit the inside of your frame. (I actually sliced the tip of my finger off doing this so cut with care!)

4) Cover the front of the cork board panel with map patterned paper. My paper came from a travel themed patterned paper pack. Alternatively, some greeting card retailers like Paperchase and Clinton Cards do map patterned wrapping paper.

5) Glue the printed world map to the centre of the board. Next, use wooden scrabble letters to spell out ‘Oh The Places We’ve Been’ and apply with a glue gun. My scrabble letters are from docrafts and you can find these from larger craft shops, Ebay or Amazon.

6) I cut the plane and luggage tag from some printed travel themed craft tags and applied them to my picture with double-sided foam tape. You can get creative here and add any additional travel elements you like. Why not add old travel tickets from your holidays?

7) Place the finished board inside your frame, propping it up on a couple of empty toilet rolls, or something similar, so it doesn’t sit directly on the bottom of the frame. This will allow you to stick pins in it!

8) Use small pins or tacks to pin point the places you have been or colour in the countries and place in the frame. You will need to remove the board from the frame each time you want to add more destinations travelled but unless you’re a jet setter this will only be once or twice a year… alas.


Holiday map pinsHoliday map pinsHoliday map pinsHoliday map pinsHoliday map pins

Let me know if you make this framed pin board map! Mine is part of a picture wall which I will be revealing very soon in my This Little House series. I’m starting from scratch and marking out all the places K and I have travelled to together.

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