The ‘Made To Be’ Blogger Challenge

Made comp final

Last week, the wonderful people at Verything and invited me to take part in their ‘Made To Be’ blogger challenge. Open to home decor, design and DIY bloggers, the concept of the challenge was to pick one of MADE’s gorgeous home products, be it a piece of furniture or art, and blog about how you would incorporate it into your space and why you’d love to own it. I jumped at the challenge, as I’m sure you know by now I have a bit of a passion for home ware. However, what made this challenge extra enticing, was the opportunity to win my chosen piece! Verything will be awarding the blogger who makes the best case by sending them their selected product straight to their door. How exciting is that?! So without further ado, let’s get down the business…

MADE offer a stunning collection of original home ware at a snippet of the price you’d find in the shops. Working with talented, fresh designers and the best craftsmen, each of MADE’s pieces is truly unique, so if you’re looking for contemporary, quality furniture then look no further! As you can imagine it was hard selecting one piece to blog about, but it didn’t take me long to realise there was one, very important thing missing from my home… a desk! Considering I spend my evenings on my laptop blogging, you would think I had a designated space to do it! NOPE! I blog sat on my sofa, which isn’t the most ideal of places, nor the most creative space to work in.

So I picked this sleek, white, retro-style Cornell desk, which was just calling out to live in my spare room, and now I’ve seen it, I don’t think I can live without it! My regular readers will be aware of my This Little House series, a guided tour around my house, one room at a time, blogging about our home renovations. The last room to be completed was our spare room, and although I am happy with the finished result, I knew there was something missing. As soon as I saw this desk I knew it was the perfect fit so I set about planning how I would incorporate it into the space.

I live in a two bedroom house which means the spare room serves for a number of different uses. Not only is it a place for guests to stay, it also doubles as a storage room and is where I get ready every morning. I always wanted to use this space as a little office too, but until I was set this challenge I didn’t think it was possible. I was WRONG!

blogger challenge

1) Working at a laptop is best done at a desk, not a sofa, and I’ve spent many hours lusting over other bloggers’ beautiful offices and desk spaces. I resigned myself to the fact that while I live in this house, there will be no work space for me.  However, with some clever thinking, I’ve come up with a solution! By replacing my current chest of drawers with the sleek Cornell desk and adding some under the bed storage for clothing, I will be able to not only use the room as a place to get ready but also to blog! The desk is slimline enough to fit the space and would serve as a stylish and functional dressing table, as well as a desk!

macbook pro blogging

2) This silk screen print of a camera would look amazing on the wall above the desk, it not only captures my love of photography but would also inject some fun into the spare bedroom. I picked out yellow, blue and black accents for the room and have been looking for some more blue home accessories to fit in with this colour scheme – the aqua blue of this print would fit in perfectly. Plus, having inspiration on the wall above your desk is the key to creativity and this print would do just that!


3) One of the most important things to remember when creating the perfect working space is good lighting. This duck egg blue table lamp is probably one of the cutest I’ve seen! I just love its retro design and think it would look great sat on the desk’s handy little raised shelf, freeing up space on the desk top for my laptop and stationery.


4) Another addition to the desk’s shelf would be this yellow vase, which is currently sat on the top of the bedroom’s tall boy. I adore fresh flowers, and when hard at work, it’s nice to bring some of the outdoors in. Many of us spend the majority of our day sat at a desk and often overlook the things that make our work space a nice area to be in. Remember, a desk doesn’t have to be corporate!

Yellow Vase

5) What’s great about the Cornell desk is that it has just about enough space for two working areas, perfect for when you need a multifunctional desk like me! The left hand side would serve as a dressing table, the small drawer providing storage for all my beautifying bits and bobs, with my makeup tray sat on the desk above. This would leave enough space to the right of the desk to sit my laptop and some pen pots. Along with a desk, I’ve always wanted a dressing table and can’t believe I’ve found a piece of furniture that could serve as both!

makeup tray

6) What’s a desk without a comfy chair? This bright blue Cornell chair would look super stylish and accompanied by this mustard yellow geometric cushion would add the finishing touch to the fun, retro feel I wanted to achieve in our spare room.


So there you have it! A totally gorgeous desk serving two purposes as a work space and a dressing table. What more could I ask for? Make sure to take a look at the MADE website to discover more unique pieces for yourself. To the guys and gals as Verything and MADE, I hope you like my interpretation of how I’d incorporate this sexy piece of furniture into my home. And to my readers, I’m going to leave you lusting over its beauty…


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