This little house: The kitchen


Welcome to our kitchen! This is the penultimate room in my This Little House series with only the master bedroom to go (sad face). I will be showing you our back garden too but there’s still lots of work to be done before I do! As I mentioned in my dining room post, the kitchen/diner is the heart of our home, and as foodies (pigs), we spend a lot of time in here. We would have loved to have bought a new kitchen but without a genie and a magic lamp we ran out of funds so decided to give it a little makeover instead.

If I’m honest, there isn’t too much we’ve done to this room apart from painting the walls, putting up some shelves and installing some new lighting. By adding some pretty kitchen ware we’ve managed to make it a bit more homely while we save up to do something more substantial. I am tempted to revamp the cupboards with spray paint and replace the handles, and ideally I’d love to buy a new wooden worktop and change the tiles but money doesn’t grow on trees.


These shelves were dirt cheap from Wickes. I spray painted them to match the units and have filled them with cookery books, jars, pots and cocktail-making odds and sods. Putting up shelves is a great way of adding more storage space while creating a focal point in a kitchen. When we first bought the place, K and I got a bit carried away with buying kitchen stuff and we now have a large collection of all manner of objects that probably won’t get used! I just can’t resist cute kitchen ware and have filled our dresser with so many plates for those tea and dinner parties that never really happen!


I’m not really a coffee drinker but K likes his caffeine hit and bought this Nespresso Magimix and milk frother a while ago in London. It does make the best coffee and is so simple to use. I  want to find some hot chocolate capsules to use with it!


When we go for a walk I love to pick wild flowers and bought this milk jar vase from Ikea to fill with them. These ones dried out in the sun from my lack of watering…


If anyone is wondering what this is, it is a wasp catcher! Not that I’ve caught any wasps in it but we have a lot of BBQs so I thought it would come in handy. I have a thing for coloured glass so it looks pretty nonetheless.


I am useless at looking after herbs! As you can see I’ve got the wrong herbs in the wrong pots too but I use them a lot to make pasta sauces and for when I cook a roast dinner (yeah, like that happens often!).

herb potskitchen

We bought this wine rack at the same shop as our kitchen dresser and it’s made from a piece of distressed wood. We have two pillars separating the dining room and kitchen and I’ve hung this on one. The other pillar has a black board and the heart wreath seen below hung from it.


I hope this post inspires you to make the most of your kitchen no matter how old it is. Just a few touches makes a big difference, whether you put up some shelves or simply buy some herbs for your windowsill.

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6 thoughts on “This little house: The kitchen

  1. I love this little kitchen, it seems like such a cute little family space. The blackboard and the kettle and toaster are my favourite pieces. The orangey colour is gorgeous x

  2. As I am really in to home interiors at the moment, I really enjoyed this post. I love the use of all the little things that makes it nice and homely! Thank you for your comment on my blog, Sarah! Have you got on well with the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish sample? My skin used to be really bad (breakouts, dry patches, oily t-zone) I was using Lancome which was way too harsh for my skin but I didn’t know any better, so continued using it. However, once I switched to Liz Earle, it cleared everything up and it actually prevents the breakouts because the cleanser removes every bit of dirt and grime. I’ve not experienced an issue with it. Hope this helps. Give me a shout if you have any more questions! xxx

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