A little update…

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Today we are leaving on a short trip to Italy, visiting Pisa, Florence and Chianti, so I wanted to drop in to let you know there won’t me any blog posts from me this week. I’d scheduled in content but last week was so busy I didn’t manage to write anything! However on my return there will be lots of posts coming your way about the trip, including my first ever vlog! I thought I’d take the opportunity to give this vlogging malarky a go and make some videos of my travels. This is incredibly daunting but I can’t put it off forever as I’ve been wanting to start a YouTube channel as an extension of daisychains & dreamers for a long time. So I hope you’ll excuse the lack of blogging this week but make sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram as I’m sure they’ll be many things I want to share, from pasta to the Leaning Tower of Pisa!

Ciao for now!

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