Italy Day 1: My first ever vlog!

This has been a long time coming but I’ve finally filmed my first ever vlog! Last week I took a little trip to Italy with my boyfriend K and I thought it would be a good opportunity to make some videos to see how I got on.

Now comes the part where I apologise profusely for a long list of faults about the video but instead of beating myself up about the quality, editing and my somewhat unusual facial expressions I’m going to cut myself some slack because this is, after all, my first ever video!

I’ll be publishing my Italy vlogs daily on my channel and I’d love you to come with me on my journey (this is all new to me and there may be some hiccups so forgive me if I miss a day!). The quality does get better, I promise, because after day 2 I ditch my dodgy compact camera for my iPhone for much better results! Plus I learn to hold the camera straight and manage to control my facial movements…

This is just a way for me to get to grips with this whole vlogging malarky and there will be some quality videos coming soon to my YouTube channel, but I figured daily vlogging was a good place to start to get used to talking to camera.

Here’s hoping you stick around for the duration of my trip! Make sure to subscribe to my very new and lonely YouTube channel and give this video a big ‘thumbs up’ like on here and on YouTube.

Thanks for watching!

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