Italy Day 3: Arriving in Florence & Wine Tasting in Chianti

Wine Tasting Chianti

Here’s day 3 of my trip to Tuscany! While I’m getting used to vlogging my Macbook has decided it’s too much to cope with and after a brief panic yesterday that it may give up the ghost I had to check it into rehab for the night to ‘de-stress’ – so apologies this didn’t make it up on my blog yesterday! Good news is my Macbook is now up and running to continue my Italy vlog series.

There’s also some exciting new videos coming your way towards the end of the year that I plan to run alongside my out-and-about vlogs on my YouTube channel. These will be an extension of daisychains & dreamers with tutorials, hauls and general chitter chatter covering everything from beauty and fashion to DIY and craft. I can’t wait to show you guys!

Hopefully you’ve stuck with my vlogs so far and you’re enjoying this little travel series! Don’t forget you can still watch days 1 and 2 over on my YouTube channel.

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