My September on Instagram

InstagramThis September has been so so busy that I haven’t really had much time to breathe! This has also meant that there has been less content on my blog and I cannot wait to get stuck into an October full of blog posts. Here’s a selection of images from my Instagram account that show some of what I got up to this September.

Top row | As I’m sure you are aware I took a trip to Italy this month visiting some famous sites like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Florence. During our trip there were so many Instagram worthy sites and it was hard not to bombard my Instagram followers with images of our days exploring the cities and eating Italian food. I also started up a vlogging channel to document the trip so pay a visit!

Middle left | This summer has been a season of weddings and this image shows a snap taken in a photo booth at my cousin’s wedding at the start of the month. We had so much fun trying on the various hats and accessories!

Middle centre | I spent this weekend up in Oxfordshire and for the first time this year it really felt like autumn. The leaves were turning brown, I picked conkers to ward off the spiders in our house (this apparently works!) and visited a farm shop which had this gorgeous display of pumpkins and gourds out front. I’m so excited for the winter months ahead filled with crisp walks in the forest and evenings snuggled down on the sofa with hot chocolate!

Middle right | The farm shop where we found the pumpkins also had a small petting zoo and this Dexter cow was more than willing to pose for a picture… although she got a little too close for comfort!

Bottom left | We are currently in the middle of having a garden makeover! This month we tore down our old purpose build shed ready to replace it with a new one and painted up our summerhouse. There’s still loads of work to do but it’s been exciting making plans! Currently the summerhouse is used for storage but soon everything will be stored in a new tool store down the side of the house with the summerhouse turned into a space for relaxing. Our new shed will be transformed gradually over time into an office space which I cannot wait for!

Bottom centre | Earlier in the month I attended the bloggers festival in London hosted by Scarlett London and met some great brands and lovely bloggers. I shared it with you in a blog post so go and have a little read if you missed it.

Bottom right | As we say goodbye to the end of the month I also waved goodbye to Hannah from Hannah Bee as she made the move across the world to start a new life in Australia. Hannah set up the Bournemouth Blogger group on Twitter and I have a lot to thank her for as the group introduced me to this big bag blogging world. Myself, Hannah, Emma (The Style Box) Georgie (Beauxoxo) and Cheryl (Invest In Your Chest) met up for cocktails to say goodbye.

I hope this month has been filled with fun times for all of you and you join me in my excitement for the winter months ahead!

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