Italy Day 4: Florence, thunderstorms and a soggy cat!

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So much for me uploading these vlogs every day! I have no idea how some YouTubers vlog daily (although they probably don’t have full time jobs…), it takes painfully long to upload videos, not to mention the editing. Anyhow, I have failed miserably at publishing my Italy vlog every day last week – I only managed to get three out. Video number 4 was meant to go live yesterday but after leaving it to upload overnight to YouTube I discovered when I got home from work in the evening it had compressed the file to poor quality so I had to go through the whole painful process again after exporting my video to the recommend size… BORING! Rant over.

I am excited to (finally) share this video with you as it is my favourite of the trip! We saw some pretty cool stuff in Florence on day 4, not to mention being caught in the most terrifying thunderstorm and meeting a rain-soaked cat (I’m a self-confessed crazy cat lady). I hope you enjoy watching this video, it is my penultimate one from our trip. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and give it a ‘thumbs up’.

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3 thoughts on “Italy Day 4: Florence, thunderstorms and a soggy cat!

  1. so funny because the following day after the storm we went to Florence and there were these tiny flies all over the place that kept biting us 🙂

    I enjoyed watching all your 4 videos. Thanks for sharing. x

  2. I’m going to Florence next week, hoping for better weather, but this has been very inspiring, I know what I am looking for. I definitely want to get into the vlog thing too. Feeling like I made the right stop! 🙂

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