Lewis-Manning Fashion Show: Thrift bargains and lots of giggles!

charity catwalk

First things first I must credit Kieran Hughes and Katy Godbeer for the majority of these photos as only a handful were taken by me as my camera was not equipped to snap moving models on a dark catwalk. So…

Last week I was invited to a charity fashion show by the gorgeous Louise, who blogs at Pauper To Princess. Louise works for Lewis-Manning Hospice and has recently given their Bournemouth and Poole charity stores a huge makeover turning them into fun and stylish shops reminiscent of the cool, vintage boutiques on Brick Lane, London.

The fashion show was organised to not only raise some cash for the charity but to also showcase how you can still wear the latest trends with clothing found in charity shops. In fact, there’s some real treasures to be found if you look hard enough, and Louise (looking as stunning as always) proved just that, wearing a dress purchased in one of the Lewis-Manning stores. With the right accessories a charity shop find can be transformed into something off the catwalk and this is exactly what the evening had in store…


The Magna Mazda store in Canford Cliffs kindly offered their car showroom floor for the event which served as the perfect venue for a fashion show, and Emma (The PR Mummy) and myself were reserved prime seats on the front row. Magda really made it a special night for everyone, serving complimentary drinks and canapés, and even donated a sports car for the weekend as a raffle prize. I alas didn’t win…

Lewis_manning_fashion_show_kieran_3Lewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda_33Lewis Manning Fashion ShowLewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda_37Lewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda22Lewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda_25Lewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda_22Lewis_manning_fashion_show_kieran_6

The fashion show was in two parts and everything worn by the models was made available to purchase after each half. As you can imagine there was a manic dash to the clothing rails to snap up the clothes, shoes and accessories! With more charity stock available we had a lot of fun rummaging through and picking out the most unbelievable bargains. I purchased a couple of scarves and a blue dress all for the grand total of £10.

Lewis Manning Fashion ShowLewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda_38Lewis Manning Fashion Showcharity catwalk

What was most unexpected about the evening was the entertainment – Louise had organised a musical choir and even cabaret girls to keep us entertained. But the highlight of the evening was opera singer come comedian Richard Knight, who knew how to get his almost all female audience up and dancing. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t moonlight as a Chippendale because he certainly knew how to get the ladies attention! He clambered over the chairs to pick out women to serenade and there were some elderly ladies who I’m sure hadn’t seen so much action since the ’50s as he perched himself on their laps.

Lewis Manning Fashion ShowLewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda_12Lewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda_29Lewis_manning_fashion_show_magna_mazda_32

It was such a fun night that raised over £1,500 for a great cause and Louise did such a fab job at organising. Make sure to visit the Lewis-Manning Facebook page and give it a like to keep informed of upcoming events like this one!

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4 thoughts on “Lewis-Manning Fashion Show: Thrift bargains and lots of giggles!

  1. What a fantastic evening!! I had the privilege of being backstage and being the MakeUp artist for the stunning models!! Plus I bought a fabulous outfit with shoes and handbag. And a tuxedo for my son… Louise you are nspirational !!
    #NailsXtra & Beauty…..

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