Let them eat cake…

baking recipebaking recipe

I’m a big fan of baking and eating cake (who isn’t?), so when I heard about the Macmillan Coffee Morning, a fundraising bake sale to raise money for those affected by Cancer, I decided to organise one at work. For those of you who don’t know, I work for one of the UK’s leading craft suppliers which means many of us are a dab hand at most things ‘handmade’, so I thought it a great opportunity to get everyone to don their aprons for the cause and get baking.

When you organise something like this there’s always that nagging thought in the back of your head that no one’s going to get involved so I was hugely relieved when I saw the vast spread of bakes brought in!

baking recipe baking recipe baking recipe baking recipebaking recipe baking recipe baking recipe baking recipe baking recipe

Everyone went to so much effort baking everything from quiche to perfectly iced cupcakes, and I made sure I sampled most of the spread! I made some cheese and mustard twists which went down really well so I’m going to add them to my baking repertoire as they were so easy to do (I think I might make some chocolate chip twists next time)!

baking recipe

In total we raised over £400 for Macmillan which totally surpassed my expectations and has inspired me to organise more charity events!

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