8 things I’d tell my younger self…

to my younger self

To my younger self,

1) Don’t be scared to walk away | If you find yourself in a relationship that isn’t right, don’t be scared to end it because of your fear of being alone. You’ll just end up feeling shitty when you’re the one being dumped – which in turn will lead to low self esteem and bad choices.

2) Just you wait… | The first few years in secondary school will be tough. You may feel like the shy, ugly duckling with braces that blends into the background but just you wait, in a few years time you’ll bloom and be beating the boys off. I know you won’t believe me but you’ll be crowned ‘best looking’ in the year 11 leavers assembly (this happens after you discover hair straighteners). Being popular may mean the world to you right now, but the popularity contest ends after school. All this self criticism is a waste of your time.

3) Let yourself go | It’s the key to enjoying life. Stop saying no and being scared because of your insecurities. Life is for LIVING. Enjoy it, grab every opportunity, travel and take risks.

4) Things happen for a reason | This is something your Mum will tell you often. Believe her because it is true. Those moments when you feel the world is over, it really isn’t, greater things are waiting around the corner.

5) Don’t make decisions at night | Your emotions are heightened in the evening, which means it’s a bad time to make decisions, have a serious conversation or get into an argument. Don’t send that text. Just put yourself to sleep and deal with it in the morning.

6) Don’t follow the crowd just to fit in | Stand up for what is right and what you believe in, be yourself and don’t follow the crowd for popularity points. You’ll regret it.

7) Take time for friends | Boyfriends come and go so take the time to make lasting friendships. All your serious relationships will be long distance, which will make it hard to juggle friendships at weekends that are often dedicated to the ‘boy’. Take time out for the girls as they’ll be the ones there for you when the boys have disappeared. Oh, and even though you may have felt rejected by certain girls at school – not every girl is like that, there’s some pretty awesome ones out there that value your friendship. P.S. You’re not boring, and stop labelling yourself as ‘shy’ as it prohibits you in the friendship department.

8) People don’t all think like you | You have high expectations of yourself and you’re a perfectionist, and this is good because it strives you to do better in all aspects of life, but don’t force your own outlook onto others. No one’s perfect so don’t put people on a pedestal.

And here’s some other tips I suggest you follow: Wear sunscreen, stop counting calories, go to bed early and drink water! Keep your head up chuck as life all works out ok in the end.

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4 thoughts on “8 things I’d tell my younger self…

  1. You were voted ‘best looking’! Haha that’s amazing! You probably couldn’t leave school on a higher note than that! And you’re still darn beautiful too.

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