DIY: Floral painted pumpkin

DIY painted floral pumpkinHow to paint cath kidston flower rose

Halloween doesn’t need to be scary and pumpkins don’t need to be just for Halloween! I painted up this pretty pumpkin using acrylic paints and am so chuffed with the results. There’s no need for a tutorial as the beauty of this DIY is that you can come up with any design you like, using your pumpkin as a canvas. Simple! What I will explain is how to paint the Cath Kidston style roses because they’re actually really easy to do once you know how.

To start, I painted my pumpkin a gorgeous rose gold colour by mixing metallic gold paint with baby pink and a little red. I gave it a couple of coats then left it to dry. To paint the roses, first paint a circle surrounded by simple petals using pale pink paint. Then paint a series of curved lines around the centre of the rose using hot pink paint, allowing the colours to blend. Repeat using purple paint to add definition. There’s no right of wrong way of doing this, just continue painting curved lines around the centre to form the rose shape. Paint some leaves to finish and voila. Let me know in the comment box below if you have a go!

rose gold pumpkinpainted floral pumpkin

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