My October on Instagram

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1. I was inspired by Niomi Smart’s dressing table tour on YouTube to turn this vintage sugar bowl into storage for my hair pins.

2. Starbucks started selling their Pumpkin Spiced Lattes – so yummy!

3. I treated my Mum to afternoon tea and the ballet as a belated Mother’s Day present.

4. Bournemouth beach is best in Autumn when the holidaymakers leave and the sun is low in the sky. Afternoon walks along the beach are so beautiful.

5. This Halloween I dressed up as ‘Queen of the spiders’ and K posed as my willing victim!

6. I spent a few days back at home with my parents and got to spend time with the cats. I miss them so much! This is Oscar, he’s a beautiful Birman.

7. I’ve worked with some great brands on my blog this month including Want Her Dress. Don’t forget to use my exclusive discount code at the till for 20% off!

8. Smashbox invited me to a bloggers event where I got to try out some of their new makeup. This palette was to die for.

9. There’s been a few burger restaurants open in Bournemouth recently and I’ve finally tried them all. My favourite? 7 Bone!

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