Best of the winter capes

Best of the capes


The one item missing from my winter wardrobe is a cape. It’s an item of clothing I’ve never really considered before this winter but I keep spotting fashion bloggers wearing the most gorgeous of capes and looking so effortlessly stylish – I want some of what they have! So I’ve rounded up my pick of the best capes around before I hit the shops and buy one of my own. I’d walk around all day with a big blanket around my shoulders if I could – something I do all the time at home, I just love to be snug – so I think a cape would be something I’d enjoy wearing!


John Lewis RRP £65 | Topshop RRP £36 | Boohoo £28 | John Lewis RRP £239
New Look RRP £38 | New Look RRP £25 | Zara RRP £110 | New Look RRP £25

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