Daisy Chains and Dreamers has a makeover!

Daisy Chains & Dreamers


Welcome to my new look blog! Over the past month I have been busy working behind the scenes on Daisy Chains and Dreamers and I am so excited to finally reveal the result of my hard work! It’s certainly been quiet around here but revamping my site has taken priority over writing and there’s been a lot to learn to transform my blog into what you see today!

Towards the end of last year I decided I needed a blog revamp. I’d gone long enough without business cards and figured if I was going to the effort of designing them I may as well go all out and create a brand image for my blog that carried across all my channels. Thankfully I had the help from a very talented illustrator called Harriet who turned my ideas into life by creating my new header!

Daisy Chains and Dreamers has come far over the past year and it was only last January I decided to give blogging a go and create my own little space on the internet. Hopefully my new blog design reflects all the things I love to write about, from beauty, home DIY projects, baking and travel. I’ve never tied myself down to writing about one thing – I just blog about what I enjoy and luckily you guys enjoy reading what I write!

2015 will see me step into YouTube and I have so many things I want to share with you that my blog doesn’t allow. Days out, DIY projects, beauty hauls and tutorials; they just make better videos and making the crossover to YouTube is a step I finally feel ready for (but I’ll still be blogging here too). I love nothing more than an evening in watching my favourite vloggers so I really hope I don’t disappoint.

Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me over the past year, especially over the past 2-3 months when I haven’t been able to keep up with my usual schedule of posts. I hope this new design has been worth it!

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