The wedding diary #1: Big commitments!


When I got engaged over Christmas there was one question many of you asked me… Are you going to blog about the wedding planning?!

Now as much as I’d love to share every detail with you, I want to keep the majority of it under wraps to surprise our guests on the big day. This is going to be incredibly hard for me as I’m just so excited! Instead I’ve decided to start a new blog series – The Wedding Diary. In this series I’ll give you the run down of what we’ve been up to without giving away too much, and I’ll share our picks of local venues and suppliers as we hunt around for the best our budget can buy. Once the big day has come and gone I’ll be revealing all the little details from our DIY wedding makes to the dress!

#1 Big commitments

The venue

If getting engaged wasn’t a big enough commitment in itself, one of the first things on the agenda (and the most expensive) when planning a wedding is to book a venue! Now it turns out I’m not very good at commitments – or decisions for that matter, I like to hunt around until I’ve seen ALL my options so I can be totally sure I’ve found the right thing.

Luckily this worked in our favour, as we were all set to book our chosen venue, when last weekend, out of curiosity, we looked around another venue a little outside of our chosen location and fell in love with it! I can’t think of anywhere more perfect for our special day, and visiting every venue in East Dorset and West Hampshire (we have a huge basket full of brochures to prove it), we are certain this is the one for us!

Like I said before, I don’t want to reveal too much or give any names, but it’s a castle by the sea with rolling views of the countryside. It’s dreamy…

I’ve bought my wedding dress!

One decision I may have rushed into a tad (but with no regrets) was the purchase of my wedding dress. Yep! Only 4 weeks after we got engaged I had my dress! This may sound crazy but I had a week off work before starting my new job and my mum and I decided to ‘have a look’ around the wedding dress shops in our local area. One day of ‘looking’ turned into two, then three, and before we knew it by the end of the week I had found my dress!

Trying on dresses was a surreal experience as you just don’t know how you’re going to feel. There’s all these years of wondering what dress you may wear on your big day and in reality I had absolutely no idea! I was a bit nervous entering the first shop we went into but looking through the rails of gorgeous fabrics and finishes soon put a stop to that. I have to admit I did find it hard to look myself in the eye when I first put on a dress and stood in front of the mirror – all those years of anticipation boiled down to that one moment and it was a bit overwhelming!

After trying a selection of different styles I whittled it down to two shapes that suited by figure (hard to do when you’re petite and wedding dress samples are pinned, clipped and stuffed to fit!). Then the hunt was on to find the right fabrics! I never imagined there would be so much choice out there – I’m pretty picky and it had to be just right! There’s a HUGE difference between fabrics and designers and the price tag isn’t always the sign of a good gown. If you’re a bride-to-be my one suggestion is to look closely at the construction, quality of fabric and stitching of a dress. Your wedding dress will probably be the most expensive dress you’ll buy and wear in your life so make sure you’re buying quality. After trying on a few dresses I found myself studying the smallest of details so when I tried on ‘the dress’ I knew it was the ‘one’.

So under 7 weeks since we got engaged we have our venue and my dress! These were the two things I was fretting over so it has been a huge weight off my shoulders. Next on our agenda is one very important factor of the day – the food!

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