The bra that’s barely there


Each evening when I return home from work I follow the same routine and I have to admit it’s one of my little joys of the day. I tie up my hair, take off my makeup, wash my face and get changed into loungewear – primarily my onesie! I’m probably in the minority of people who get such excitement from the prospect of an evening in… This routine feels all the better after a stressful day, tight clothing and you guessed it an uncomfortable bra!

Now I think the majority of ladies out there appreciate that feeling of freeing yourself from a bra that’s nipping at your skin but we’re in luck because there’s a new bra on the market that gives you that free and breezy feeling all day.

Triumph Magic Wire Bra

I was recently invited down to my local department store by Triumph to take a look at their new range of Magic Wire bras and to get fitted before my very own Magic Wire bra was packaged up in wonderful smelling tissue paper and sent to me in the post to try.


I’ve always been a bit sceptical of bras that claim to be ‘comfy’ because either they look like they’ve come from the granny section of M&S or they fit poorly with little to no support. This bra actually comes up with the goods but that’s what you get from a company that has over 100 years on experience.

The Magic Wire bra I received was the Contouring Sensation black bra with nude straps and black tulle lace panels – both pretty and practical! The magic comes from invisible, integrated silicone wire in the moulded cups that supports the contours of your bust like a wired bra and creates a perfect cleavage without pinching or constricting. This bra really does give that  barely there wearing sensation while achieving support, style and practicality.


The technology of this bra allows it to be worn under a t-shirt without any lumps, bumps or unsightly overspill although the cut of the cups does mean they sit quite high on the chest which can cause a problem if wearing low cut or strappy tops. I’d recommend this bra for ladies with a medium to full bust as the moulded cups may cause issues for smaller sizes.

The Magic Wire bra is also available in a stapless option which excites me that little bit more as I find strapless bras usually the most uncomfortable! If you’re looking for an everyday wearable bra that won’t give you the pinch then this is the one for you!

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