The wedding diary #2: Wedding fairs and the rings!


It’s been three weeks since my last wedding diary post and a lot of wedding research has been going on! At the start of planning a wedding it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer mass of things to do so I’ve tried to be organised from the word go with spreadsheets and lists – my wedding folder is already bursting at the seams! I never realised how huge the wedding industry is; there’s so many possibilities out there, from suppliers, bands, venues, dresses – it certainly wasn’t like this when my parents got married (or so my mum says!).

The fun of the fair

I’m a gal that likes to do her research so over the past few weeks, along with trawling the internet for ideas and quotes, I’ve visited no less than four wedding fairs! I was a little disappointed at the first show, the BIC wedding fair in Bournemouth, I don’t know what I was expecting but it all seemed a bit novelty – maybe I’ve spent too much time on Pinterest and my expectations are unrealistically high!

However there were two wedding fairs that were well worth the visit. The first was an evening of canapés and champagne at The Russell Cotes museum (can you spot me in the photos?!). K and I looked around the place when we were looking for venues; it’s grand, with real wow-factor but they were quite strict – no fresh flowers or red wine (yes, really!). The museum is inside a 1901 cliff top house and filled with antique furniture and priceless paintings – a dream venue for an art lover. Even though we didn’t really gain much from the fair as far as suppliers go, we enjoyed the fashion show and it was a fun evening out!

Last weekend we went to a wedding fair that wiped the floor of all the rest! K and I, along with my mum and dad, visited the Lulworth Castle wedding show. It was full of fantastic suppliers – florists, classical musicians, vintage cars, cake makers – even bridal lingerie and a ring-bearing owl! Despite it being a rainy day the castle was just magical and we came away with lots of contacts.

The rings!

Another task we have ticked off our list is the wedding rings! It didn’t take us long to find them and was a fairly easy process. My engagement ring has three stones, the style is called trinity, and from the rings I tried on, there was only one shape of wedding ring that really complimented it. This helped whittle down the choice for indecisive me.

Another factor I never considered – and one to remember boys if you’re buying an engagement ring – is that it’s best for your engagement ring and wedding ring to be made from the same metal. This stops one rubbing against the other and causing damage as metals have different levels of hardness. I was spoiled with my platinum engagement ring but it meant we had to fork out on a platinum wedding ring too – I’m not complaining mind you but when it comes to budgets you need to consider these things! I won’t tell you what my wedding ring looks like – this will have to be another ‘wait and see’!

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One thought on “The wedding diary #2: Wedding fairs and the rings!

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I dont know if you have any ideas for music or would like any ideas? Ive got a friend I thoruoughly recommend. She is beutifully talented.

    Otherwise I also know a duo who I can recommend for music and photography who live down yor area. If you are iterested then I will get their detals forwarded to you.

    Good luck with all of your arrangements!


    Good luck with all of your wedding arrangements.

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